Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Baby Beanie tutorial from OTTOBRE design® 4/2015


This is a great way to use up pieces of jersey left-over from other projects. You can make the beanie from one single fabric or mix and match like we have. 

You can download the pdf-pattern for this project here.
Lovely organic cotton jerseys are from Lillestoff's collection and you find many of them on our Easy shop. 

Have fun !
You will need: 
40...45 cm printed cotton single jersey and sewing thread.


Layout the pattern piece on a double layer of jersey, observing the markings for grainlines and foldlines. Cut beanie panels from printed jersey adding 7 mm seam allowances. 


Construction techniques: 
Stitch seams with straight stretch stitch on regular sewing machine or with serger.
Stitch darts at both crown ends of beanie panel. 
Pin beanie panels right sides together and stitch them together, 
leaving small opening for turning on one side as marked on pattern. 

Fold beanie in half along pattern foldline and stitch along side seam allowances for a few centimeters.  Stitch also top edges of beanie panels together along seam allowances.  
Turn beanie right side out through opening. 

Close opening for turning by hand stitching.
You find Pink Drops beanie pattern from issue 4/2015.
Here is how you cut it - place the dotted line on fabric fold.

Follow the tutorial to sew it. 


  1. Cool, thank you very much for this pattern! As we are going to sew with and for refugees, this will be a good help!

  2. Thanks for the pattern, would it be possible to providence also a picture of the piece to cut for the pink drops ? It is made of a single piece and I dont understand how to cut the jersey.

  3. What do the marks on the side of the pattern means?

  4. The marks are for the opening, so that you can turn the beanie right side out.

  5. Thank you for this tutoial!!! Please more of such posts!!!
    It's a great help for beginners. And lovely pic's :-)
    Susanne from Lübeck / Germany

  6. very creative and detail tutorial, many thanks, i will try to do one.. keep sharing...

  7. this was my first sewing machine project, and it was such a big success even with my crooked stitches that I'm making my seventh hat today ;) not sure I feel confident enough to move on to some other project now!

  8. This would be cool in adult sizes. Do you have this pattern in adult sizes or how to convert to adult sizes?