Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Front Placket tutorial from OTTOBRE design® 6/2015

Since we spent more than a third of our lifetime sleeping, we deserve to have lovely, comfortable nightwear. The boy's pajama top has a front placket that makes it easy to put the top on and take it off.

This pajama top is made from single jersey, but you can use this construction technique also with woven fabrics!  


Mark center-front line, starting from neckline, on wrong side of front panel with tailor`s chalk or by basting.
Pin right sides of button bands to wrong side of front panel, placing bands on each side or center-front line and aligning their non-interfaced edges with center-front line.
Stitch button bands in place along their non-interfaced edges, placing stitching 
1 cm away from center-front line on front panel and ending it 1 cm above bottom edge of button band.
Slash placket opening from right side of front panel: cut from necline along center-front line as far as 2 cm above ends of stitching lines on button bands and clip diagonally to ends of stitching lines, forming a triangle at bottom of placket.
Fold each button band in half wrong sides together and press. Topstitch folded outer edges of bands close to edge. Fold button bands right way up.

Turn seam allowances at interfaced edges of button bands to wrong side, pin edges to right side of placket edges and stitch them in place close to edge.
Overlap button bands, pin them together and machine-baste their bottom edges together.
Pin and stitch triangle at bottom of placket to button bands right sides together.                       
Finish seam allowances at bottom of placket together.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

OTTOBRE design 6/2015 is published

Greetings from Lapland!

Here in Rovaniemi, at the heart of Finnish Lapland, we are preparing for the joys of winter – snowballing, skating and skiing will soon be our main outdoor activities. As our nights gradually turn darker, the magical Aurora Borealis will appear. In olden times, you were told not to whistle at them, as they might get angry, and whisk you away! 

The 15th Anniversary Edition of OTTOBRE design® kids winter 6/2015 is now ready and for most of our subscribers it should have already arrived.

You'll find the size charts for women and men here: in Finnishin Spanish, in English, in Swedish, in German, in Dutch and 
in French.

This magazine features our youngest ever model, just 10 weeks old. She took it all in her stride and slept most of the time while showing off the adorable selection of baby clothes we made for her – a whole trousseau including bodysuits, a cute little dress, pants, coveralls, a beautiful woolen two-piece outerwear set and a tiny balaclava hood.
One of our themes for this magazine is a much-loved fairytale. Meet our cute dwarfs, all seven of them, each with their own beanie. Our modern dwarfs are fashion conscious and we provided them with a great selection of clothes - a jersey dress, tunics, leggings, jackets, a hoodie, pants, a skirt and some great T-shirts - cool clothes to wear every day and also a fun bunny jumpsuit sewn from faux fur knit with its own separate hood.

We all know that playing in the snow is great fun, but we also think that winter is the best time to catch up on our sleep. Keeping that in mind, we have designed a collection of cute and cosy sleepwear for the whole family including the parents.

Winter is a festive time so we have also included some elegant party clothes for kids of all ages – lovely dresses, a pretty tunic and bloomer set, smart shirts and pants.

 Here you will find the rabbit drawing for your saddle sleeve T-shirt.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Baby Beanie tutorial from OTTOBRE design® 4/2015


This is a great way to use up pieces of jersey left-over from other projects. You can make the beanie from one single fabric or mix and match like we have. 

You can download the pdf-pattern for this project here.
Lovely organic cotton jerseys are from Lillestoff's collection and you find many of them on our Easy shop. 

Have fun !
You will need: 
40...45 cm printed cotton single jersey and sewing thread.


Layout the pattern piece on a double layer of jersey, observing the markings for grainlines and foldlines. Cut beanie panels from printed jersey adding 7 mm seam allowances. 


Construction techniques: 
Stitch seams with straight stretch stitch on regular sewing machine or with serger.
Stitch darts at both crown ends of beanie panel. 
Pin beanie panels right sides together and stitch them together, 
leaving small opening for turning on one side as marked on pattern. 

Fold beanie in half along pattern foldline and stitch along side seam allowances for a few centimeters.  Stitch also top edges of beanie panels together along seam allowances.  
Turn beanie right side out through opening. 

Close opening for turning by hand stitching.
You find Pink Drops beanie pattern from issue 4/2015.
Here is how you cut it - place the dotted line on fabric fold.

Follow the tutorial to sew it. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

OTTOBRE woman 5/2015 will be here soon!

Greetings from rainy Lapland! 

Here in Rovaniemi, on the Arctic Circle, our summer is short but intense. Autumn will soon arrive with its gorgeous colors and cooler temperatures so our attention has already turned to renewing our wardrobes for the coming season. 

Luckily the 15th anniversary year autumn/winter edition of our Woman magazine will soon be available; the official publishing date is the 18th of August

This issue is a celebration of timeless classic designs and high quality fabrics - organic cotton jerseys, silk, denim, viscose and wonderfully warm wool. Themed around daily life and leisure time it offers a selection of fabulous but comfortable dresses, cardigans, tops and pants plus some figure flattering sportswear including jersey pants and hoodies. 

We also designed a few items for those special days when you need something dressy - a silk dress, a pussy bow blouse and a pieced skirt. 


This autumn collection, themed around daily life and leisure time, offers numerous items for you to sew: fabulous jersey dresses, a skirt, a gorgeous silk blouse, snug-fitting printed pants and a short-sleeve sweater, as well as sporty hoodies, jersey pants, jersey leggings and a pretty tunic. Sizes 34-52


This collection is a celebration of timeless classic designs and high-quality materials – silk, wool, organic cotton, denim and viscose – from which we sewed a number of lovely dresses and two beautiful cardigans as well as suit pants, a skirt and a sweater. Sizes 34-52

Have a lovely autumn!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Reprint of summer issue 3/2011 is available now!

Dear OTTOBRE fan,

Greetings from head office  [not that we have another office :)]

It seems now that our very-adventurous summer issue 3/2015 has finally landed all over the world, so we can focus on other subjects!

In response to the huge number of requests we have received from our customers we have reprinted the OTTOBRE design® kids summer issue of 2011. The reprint is in English but you'll be sent a link so you can print out the Dutch, Finnish, German or Swedish instruction pages, depending on your choice.

You'll find photos and a description of the content below and you can browse the magazine here.

The summer issue 3/2011 is now available in our single issue shop.

We offer preferential postage rates on back issues to our subscribers so if you do have a valid subscription, please remember to check the "I have a valid standing subscription" box when you order. You'll find the box just below the name and address fields during the first step of our checkout.

Wishing you an inspirational summer with all your sewing projects!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New information of the delayed delivery of the 3/2015 issue

Dear Customers in Denmark, Norway Spain, France, Belgium and Austria,

We are truly sorry for any inconvenience caused in the delayed delivery of the 3/2015 issue, but unfortunately there isn't much we can do right now. We just have to be patient and wait.  

We plan our schedules with care and the magazine should be delivered to subscribers before bookshops and retailers. With the 3/2015 issue a problem occurred in the delivery process. Normally the magazine should have been delivered to readers before or just after Easter, and in all cases before the 9th of April. In Germany, Finland and some other countries everything went as planned but a few countries have suffered delays.

Deliveries to subscribers and to retailers are dealt with differently. We send whole pallets of magazines directly to international companies specialized in retailing magazines (who then deliver the magazines themselves to bookshops, kiosks and supermarkets). Subscribers' copies are sorted first according to country, town and postal address, to make it easy for local postal services to deliver them. The pallets which included the foreign subscribers' copies were sent from our print house in Joensuu to Helsinki to be sorted and then transported to local postal services in Belgium, Austria, Denmark, France, Spain and Norway plus a few other countries.

As far as we were concerned everything was on schedule but after Easter many customers wrote asking for their magazines. At first we thought the delay was caused by the Easter holidays and a strike announced in Finnish harbors, but in the end it seems to have been due to human error. On investigation we discovered that whole pallets of magazines were missing. These unsorted pallets were all on their way to France. We managed to stop them in Germany and they were returned to Finland. The magazines were then sorted and sent on to subscribers around the 14th of April with an estimated delivery time of 4-10 days depending on their final destination. 

 Like many other companies, we depend on logistic services provided by local postal services in Europe and various international delivery companies such as Swiss Post, DHL and UPS. Their logistic systems are huge and if a few pallets get loaded on to the wrong truck, it can take a while before anyone notices there is problem. Thanks to our readers emails we realized that something had gone wrong and fortunately we found our pallets and the magazines are now all on their way to our subscribers (or have been delivered over the last week).

 Our pattern magazine is published in eight languages and sold worldwide. Due to the huge distances involved it is impossible to ensure that all our subscribers receive their magazine on the very same day. We hope that our readers understand that although deliveries may take place during quite a wide window of time, we are doing our very best to ensure that the wait is a short as possible for everyone.

We promise to do all we can to ensure that future deliveries go smoothly. We’d love to employ Father Christmas and his reindeer to deliver all the magazines in one single night or even buy our own fleet of delivery trucks but we feel that we should focus our energy on creating the great clothes and fabulous photos that make OTTOBRE magazine one of the best pattern magazines available…and try to trust the various delivery companies to get the magazine to your door on time. 
We apologize for the delay and we assure you that we are doing our best to make sure all our subscribers receive their copy of the 3/2015 magazine as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully, 

OTTOBRE design team

Thursday, April 9, 2015

OTTOBRE design® summer issue 3/2015

Dear Subscribers,

Best greetings from OTTOBRE design® magazine. Our latest issue 3/2015 will come out shortly, the official publishing date being today, April 9, 2015. To ensure that our subscribers would receive their magazines on time, we mailed the magazines already at the turn of the month.

However, due to the Easter holidays and subsequent unexpected interruptions in transport services, it seems that the summer issue will reach the subscribers at very different times. Some or our subscribers in, for example, Finland and Germany have already received their magazines, and in Scandinavia the magazine is being delivered at this moment. Subscribers in other countries will receive their magazines between April 11 and April 20, 2015, depending on the distance from Finland to the country in question and on the delivery speed of the local postal service.

The delivery delays primarily concern our subscribers in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK, as well as in countries outside Europe. 

Even though we are constantly developing our delivery services and routes, the long distances from Finland to the rest of the world, involving both surface and sea transport, sometimes cause unforeseen challenges. We are very sorry about this.

While we realize that you are itching to receive your magazine, we kindly ask for your patience regarding the delays. 

Wishing you happy sewing and sunny spring days,

Matti Hepola
Publishing Director

Dear friends all over the world!

My heart is crying...I'm so disappointed on what has happened...
We all are so very sorry about the delay, but yet we know there isn't much we can do, but to move  somewhere south – closer to you, friends!

But I still believe this issue is worth waiting many lovely patterns and something for whole family!

Those of you who have already received the summer issue, please update the arrival  on our Facebook page or here, so everyone else will know the situation! Thanks in advance!

Yours  faithfully,

Tuula Hepola

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

OTTOBRE design® kids 1/2015

It's spring! ... and our sun is finally back. Hopefully this will give us some more working hours per day. 
Please excuse us  being so lazy bloggers lately. We have been keeping ourselves so busy with women's magazine and other lovely things we are planning for our 15th anniversary year. You'll hear more about this soon.
Smart hoodie is made of Lillestoff's orcanic cotton sweatshirt knits.
Log-cabin technique can be used also for sewing clothes!
Wow- organic cotton jersey with rock'n roll attitude from Lillestoff. 
You can applique!
Small details make the hoodie.
Jersey skirt is easy to make and fun to wear. If you don't have time enough for playing with scraps,
cut it of patterned jersey or denim-like jersey.