Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Funky OTTO-frog applique tutorial

How to make a funky frog applique on a T-shirt from OTTOBRE design® 6/2016.
You need: 
- five different solid color cotton jersey (95%cotton 5% elastane)
- piece of Vlieseline® Stickvlies (Stickvlies is also known as "stitch-n-tear" and it is used as backing for embroideries and appliqués. By Stickvlies you can sew embroidery and appliques without stretching the fabric.
- Vlieseline® Vliesofix (Vliesofix is a non-woven fabric with the feature that both sides can be ironed onto a material)
Trace parts of appliqué motif from pattern sheet on paper backing of double-sided fusible web. Cut parts out with generous seam allowances and iron them onto wrong side of various pieces of single jersey. Cut appliqué shapes out carefully along their outlines. Remove paper backing from fusible web, arrange shapes on front panel.
Pin piece of tear-away backing to wrong side of garment piece under appliqué shapes to prevent background fabric from stretching while appliqué is stitched to it.
Stitch shapes in place close to edge with straight stitch or with narrow, short zigzag stitch. Use either matching or contrast-color sewing thread. Secure thread ends carefully.
Remove tear-away backing from wrong side and steam appliqué area.

OTTOBRE design® 6/2016


Our latest issue will be published today, October 18. As always, we made you again a nice video with lots of new photos. You find it here. 

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