Friday, March 4, 2016


In OTTOBRE design® 2/2016 woman we introduced four leather / faux leather necklaces. This week we will publish tutorials for all of them. The first one is this light feather necklace made of gold colored faux leather.


Each feather measures approximately 12 cm and the length of the necklace can be varied by changing the amount of waxed cord used.

You will need:
- a piece of gold colored faux leather (12 x 24 cm) 
- a piece of double-sided fusible web, Vlieseline® Vliesofix (12 x 12 cm)
- jewelry wire (silver wire)
- jewelry pliers
- sewing or embroidery thread
- waxed cotton cord, ø 1,5 mm
- (craft glue)

Start by cutting two pieces of silver wire, each piece should measure approximately 30 cm (twice the length of the finished feather plus a little extra as the wire shortens when twisted and also for making a hanging loop). Fold each piece of wire in half and twist both halves together, make a hanging loop from the ends of the wire. These are the center shafts for the two feathers.

Cut a 12 x 12 cm piece of Vliesofix* and iron it to one half of the faux leather piece. Remove the paper backing from the Vliesofix. Place the wires on top of the Vliesofix. Fold the faux leather into a square with the wires and the Vliesofix inside. Press gently with a cool iron to fuse the Vliesofix.

*Vliesofix is a double sided adhesive paper for fabric appliques. When you iron it onto a fabric it sticks permanently.

Sketch the outlines of each feather on the faux leather and cut them out. 
Carefully cut each piece so it looks like a feather. 

Attach the waxed cotton cord to the loops at the ends of the metal wires. Secure the knots by wrapping them with thread. We used Sulky Rayon Embroidery Thread as it does not unravel. If needed, apply a drop of glue to stop the thread from unraveling.