Thursday, August 25, 2011

OTTOBRE design® winter 6/2007 now REPRINTED!

While making the winter issue, we wanted to announce you we have been  re-publishing OTTOBRE design® winter 6/2007 issue. It is one of our most popular issues, which has been sold out for a while!

You can order it from our websites or from our Etsy shops magazine section. Magazine is in English, but you can download and print Dutch, German, Swedish or Finnish pages from our websites.

If you wish to get this magazine completely FREE OF CHARGE, go to our Etsy shop, purchase fabrics for 35 Euros or more and we'll send it to you with your fabric parcel! This offer is valid till September 10th, 2011. Write code: 6/2007 FREE on your order.

And friends - please, hurry up, we printed only limited edition!

The themes of this issue are:

Winter is approaching and it is time for wool jackets and coats, duffle coats, warm outdoor pants, quilted vests and knit jackets. Sizes 92–152 cm

Special-occasion outfits for boys and girls in Oliver Twist style. Pants with shoulder straps, old-style shirts, charming dresses, puffed-sleeve blouses, balloon skirts, pinafore dresses, shirt blouses and practical clothes made from knits.  Sizes 92–146 cm

Babywear made from colorful natural-fiber fabrics: a wraparound bodysuit, a raglan-sleeve jacket and romper, a pinafore dress, overalls, a coverall and a warm jacket. Colorful soft toys and a baby play mat. Clothes also for very small premature babies.  Sizes 40–56 cm and 50–92 cm

A duffle coat and corduroy pants for older boys. A beautiful wool-fabric jacket, a tunic, a raglan-sleeve T-shirt and corduroy skinny jeans for school girls. Sizes 134–170 cm


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New fabrics in Etsy Shop!

Hilco has created a fabric collection full of colours for Autumn-Winter 2011-12, inspired by natures cutest animals,  combined with always so lovely dots and stripes. Go and take a look at our Etsy Shop!

Jord-Uggla owl print and Tozka Dots, both printed in soft and 
cozy sweater knit. 

Also do not miss our shop's Autumn Clearance! Click-click!

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Suomalaiset asiakkaamme! 

Kaikkia Etsy-kaupasta löytyviä kankaita ja alekankaita, voi tilata myös suoraan Rovaniemen myymälästämme. Laita sähköpostia osoitteella: ottobre (at) , soittele meille puh. 016 4250 850
tai piipahda myymälässämme täällä Rantavitikalla.

Valikoimistamme löytyy lähes kaikki tuoreimmissa lehdissämme näkyvät kankaat ja paljon muutakin ompelemiseen liittyvää.

Olemme paikalla arkisin 10-17 ja lauantaisin 10-15. 

Rantavitikantie 29
96300 Rovaniemi


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sneak Peek OTTOBRE woman 5/2011

Get inspired. Be creative! Change the color and style according to the situation. Our current collection for the autumn and winter highlights blissful daily life, brilliant festive moments and the relaxed atmosphere of sweet Sunday mornings. Though the items in our collection are on the whole straightforward and easy-going, we have also included a few feminine tidbits.

Magazine will be published on August 26. 2011.

The autumn brings along a palette of earthy nuances: mole-grey, fir-green, lingonberry-red and eggplant-purple. Both the classic fabrics and the print patterns of knits reflect a yearning for the “good old days”. So discover the great outdoors wrapped in a lovely cardigan or a practical outerwear coat. Or dress for the city in trendy winter shorts or comfortable cropped pants with a pleated front. You’ll also find several beautiful tops, a tunic and a pinafore dress.

Switch your style according to the occasion from a vintage beauty to a classic schoolteacher, a formal office lady or a sensuous belle of the ball. The elegant cut of our
dresses does justice to the shape and material of the garment. Brighten up your everyday life too with dresses!

Make the most of your weekends and recharge your batteries by relaxing, pampering yourself or enjoying outdoor activities. For this purpose, we designed a lovely set of nightwear and a dressing gown, a comfortable sports outfit and a warm wool-knit duffle coat.

We wish you a rewarding voyage of discovery of our autumn collection and fabrics!