Monday, February 27, 2012

OTTOBRE woman spring/summer is here!

Hello out there!

Our newest OTTOBRE woman magazine will be released March 1. 2012, so you better stay tuned.

Our lovely spring/summer issue is featuring following themes

N E V E R    W I T H O U T    A    D R E S S

Dresses with a touch of the good old days and a pinch of bohemian.
A sweet vintage-style chemise, light summer dresses and a romantic special-occasion dress.
An elegant, feminine sleeveless dress and a beautifully-textured viscose-jersey jacket for special occasions for the grown-up woman.

Sizes 34–46 and 34–52

B O N    V O Y A G E

Clothes for sporty, active women. An easy-to-make coat, two pairs of pants, a top and a tunic.
An ultra-light tunic blouse with a floaty hemline, a sleeveless dress and a light viscose-jersey cardigan.
Bermuda shorts, a wrap-around skirt and snazzy tops. A wide range of sizes!

Sizes 34–48 and 34–52

For more photos, you can leaf through the magazine on our websites: