Wednesday, February 4, 2015

OTTOBRE design® kids 1/2015

It's spring! ... and our sun is finally back. Hopefully this will give us some more working hours per day. 
Please excuse us  being so lazy bloggers lately. We have been keeping ourselves so busy with women's magazine and other lovely things we are planning for our 15th anniversary year. You'll hear more about this soon.
Smart hoodie is made of Lillestoff's orcanic cotton sweatshirt knits.
Log-cabin technique can be used also for sewing clothes!
Wow- organic cotton jersey with rock'n roll attitude from Lillestoff. 
You can applique!
Small details make the hoodie.
Jersey skirt is easy to make and fun to wear. If you don't have time enough for playing with scraps,
cut it of patterned jersey or denim-like jersey.