Thursday, May 14, 2015

Reprint of summer issue 3/2011 is available now!

Dear OTTOBRE fan,

Greetings from head office  [not that we have another office :)]

It seems now that our very-adventurous summer issue 3/2015 has finally landed all over the world, so we can focus on other subjects!

In response to the huge number of requests we have received from our customers we have reprinted the OTTOBRE design® kids summer issue of 2011. The reprint is in English but you'll be sent a link so you can print out the Dutch, Finnish, German or Swedish instruction pages, depending on your choice.

You'll find photos and a description of the content below and you can browse the magazine here.

The summer issue 3/2011 is now available in our single issue shop.

We offer preferential postage rates on back issues to our subscribers so if you do have a valid subscription, please remember to check the "I have a valid standing subscription" box when you order. You'll find the box just below the name and address fields during the first step of our checkout.

Wishing you an inspirational summer with all your sewing projects!