Saturday, August 8, 2015

OTTOBRE woman 5/2015 will be here soon!

Greetings from rainy Lapland! 

Here in Rovaniemi, on the Arctic Circle, our summer is short but intense. Autumn will soon arrive with its gorgeous colors and cooler temperatures so our attention has already turned to renewing our wardrobes for the coming season. 

Luckily the 15th anniversary year autumn/winter edition of our Woman magazine will soon be available; the official publishing date is the 18th of August

This issue is a celebration of timeless classic designs and high quality fabrics - organic cotton jerseys, silk, denim, viscose and wonderfully warm wool. Themed around daily life and leisure time it offers a selection of fabulous but comfortable dresses, cardigans, tops and pants plus some figure flattering sportswear including jersey pants and hoodies. 

We also designed a few items for those special days when you need something dressy - a silk dress, a pussy bow blouse and a pieced skirt. 


This autumn collection, themed around daily life and leisure time, offers numerous items for you to sew: fabulous jersey dresses, a skirt, a gorgeous silk blouse, snug-fitting printed pants and a short-sleeve sweater, as well as sporty hoodies, jersey pants, jersey leggings and a pretty tunic. Sizes 34-52


This collection is a celebration of timeless classic designs and high-quality materials – silk, wool, organic cotton, denim and viscose – from which we sewed a number of lovely dresses and two beautiful cardigans as well as suit pants, a skirt and a sweater. Sizes 34-52

Have a lovely autumn!