Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sneak peek on winter issue 6/2012

It's almost here... we have got the first snow flakes yesterday. So I guess it is time to show you some photos from our soon coming winter issue. Our official release date is October 26, but we start sending magazines to you as soon as our print house has switched the power off at their printing machines.

You better start lurking your mailman. Or take a better look at our website.

The baby’s first clothes are so endearingly cute that recycling them is often out of the question. Instead, when the baby grows out of them, they are wrapped up in silk tissue and stashed in the baby’s own treasure box.   
The baby boy’s special-occasion outfit comprises a fresh-green jersey shirt sewn from printed organic-cotton single jersey and cotton-twill pants.

Oh boy! In winter Finnish boys romp in the snow dressed in warm boots and thermal coveralls, whereas according to grandma, all boys in London wear wool duffle coats and leather shoes. And so mom’s sewing machine will be busy again…

Our winter collection is characterized by a somewhat nostalgic touch. Inspired by the wonderful wool fabrics, we designed a number of excellent coats for this issue. Here is a version of the classic duffle coat for little girls.
The lovely winter coat combines two different cotton poplins. The thermal interlining between the shell and lining is made from furry, soft and flexible microfiber knit. Microfiber knit makes the garment really warm without causing the child to resemble a Michelin man. Under the zipper there is a zipper shield, and the hood offers extra protection against the weather.