Thursday, September 28, 2017

OTTOBRE design® kids Autumn 4/2017

Cutest rabbit pinnie is made from linen fabric with bio-enzyme finish.
It is an excellent fabric for kids clothing, as the  finishing makes it softer as natural raw linen.
The warmwool-blend  hooded jacket in a delicious color combines single knit and rib knit.

The outerwear pants are sewn from tightly woven organic cotton poplin from

This cute denim dress is made of recycled materials.
It combines fabrics from an adult's denim tunic and
a plaid blouse that was too short for original wearer.

We made this lovely, warm merino-wool jersey dress for schoolgirls – or is it in fact a sweater?
You can wear it in two ways. Use stretchy sweatshirt knit or jersey instead of merino if you prefer cotton rather than wool.

Softshell is an ideal material for between-seasons wear and for variable weather conditions.