Wednesday, October 28, 2015

OTTOBRE design 6/2015 is published

Greetings from Lapland!

Here in Rovaniemi, at the heart of Finnish Lapland, we are preparing for the joys of winter – snowballing, skating and skiing will soon be our main outdoor activities. As our nights gradually turn darker, the magical Aurora Borealis will appear. In olden times, you were told not to whistle at them, as they might get angry, and whisk you away! 

The 15th Anniversary Edition of OTTOBRE design® kids winter 6/2015 is now ready and for most of our subscribers it should have already arrived.

You'll find the size charts for women and men here: in Finnishin Spanish, in English, in Swedish, in German, in Dutch and 
in French.

This magazine features our youngest ever model, just 10 weeks old. She took it all in her stride and slept most of the time while showing off the adorable selection of baby clothes we made for her – a whole trousseau including bodysuits, a cute little dress, pants, coveralls, a beautiful woolen two-piece outerwear set and a tiny balaclava hood.
One of our themes for this magazine is a much-loved fairytale. Meet our cute dwarfs, all seven of them, each with their own beanie. Our modern dwarfs are fashion conscious and we provided them with a great selection of clothes - a jersey dress, tunics, leggings, jackets, a hoodie, pants, a skirt and some great T-shirts - cool clothes to wear every day and also a fun bunny jumpsuit sewn from faux fur knit with its own separate hood.

We all know that playing in the snow is great fun, but we also think that winter is the best time to catch up on our sleep. Keeping that in mind, we have designed a collection of cute and cosy sleepwear for the whole family including the parents.

Winter is a festive time so we have also included some elegant party clothes for kids of all ages – lovely dresses, a pretty tunic and bloomer set, smart shirts and pants.

 Here you will find the rabbit drawing for your saddle sleeve T-shirt.