Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Front Placket tutorial from OTTOBRE design® 6/2015

Since we spent more than a third of our lifetime sleeping, we deserve to have lovely, comfortable nightwear. The boy's pajama top has a front placket that makes it easy to put the top on and take it off.

This pajama top is made from single jersey, but you can use this construction technique also with woven fabrics!  


Mark center-front line, starting from neckline, on wrong side of front panel with tailor`s chalk or by basting.
Pin right sides of button bands to wrong side of front panel, placing bands on each side or center-front line and aligning their non-interfaced edges with center-front line.
Stitch button bands in place along their non-interfaced edges, placing stitching 
1 cm away from center-front line on front panel and ending it 1 cm above bottom edge of button band.
Slash placket opening from right side of front panel: cut from necline along center-front line as far as 2 cm above ends of stitching lines on button bands and clip diagonally to ends of stitching lines, forming a triangle at bottom of placket.
Fold each button band in half wrong sides together and press. Topstitch folded outer edges of bands close to edge. Fold button bands right way up.

Turn seam allowances at interfaced edges of button bands to wrong side, pin edges to right side of placket edges and stitch them in place close to edge.
Overlap button bands, pin them together and machine-baste their bottom edges together.
Pin and stitch triangle at bottom of placket to button bands right sides together.                       
Finish seam allowances at bottom of placket together.