Friday, April 13, 2012

OTTOBRE summer issue sneak peek

Hello Summer –here we come! 

Our summer issue is soon to be published. The official date is April 20., so you need to be patient few more days. Before the magazine is in your hands, you find the online preview on our website.

The themes:


A delicious, colorful collection of summer clothes. Stripes. Plaids. Prints. Snazzy details and rich fabric patterns! T-shirts, tunics, shorts, Bermudas and dresses for children of various ages.
Sizes 92-170 cm


The fascinating animal world appeals to young children. Rompers, tops, pants, shorts and a hooded jacket for babies and toddlers.
Sizes 50-92 cm


Dresses for girls and smart outfits for boys for summer special occasions. Lovable dresses sewn from linen, batiste and poplin. Fresh plaid shirts, linen Bermudas, T-shirts and pants for boys.
Sizes 62-170 cm

The cute little owl pillows are made of  Lillestoff's ready printed Owl panel.
You can find it from our Etsy shop.