Monday, January 21, 2019

OTTOBRE design® 7/2018

Our second ever OTTOBRE family issue was published in November 2018.
We listened your wishes and made you a wide range of patterns for whole family.
You can browse the magazine on our website and you find the All designs pdf-file here.

Lovely pyjama pattern in sizes 32-44, so you can sew them also for your teenagers
Sweet Dreams -lovely pyjama patterns come in sizes 32-44, 
so you can sew them also for your teenager.
Men's pyjamas are suitable for boys and men in sizes 46-56.
Perfect T-shirt for boys and men in sizes 46-56.
This issue features also some clothing for pregnant ladies:
 T-shirts, cute denim jersey skirt and two lovely maternity dresses.

Warm winter clothing for men: zip sweater, cord pants and shirt with
cuta away collar for a modern man. 

Wonderful and easy to sew peacoat is made of melton wool. 
You find the needed materials from our Etsy shop.
For active people or just for relaxing day at home.
In sizes 32-44 for women and in sizes 46-56 for men.

Lovely wide leg pants, tunic and jersey dress 
 for plus sizes EU 46-56 (US sizes 16-26)