Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pink Linen Dress Modification

Sew a casual, unlined linen dress for the summer using a pattern that appeared in the OTTOBRE design® woman spring/summer issue! We borrowed the idea for it from a jersey dress in Jackpot’s spring collection.

Photo: http://www.jackpot.dk

The dress is sewn by modifying the pattern for design no. 15 in issue 2/2009 of OTTOBRE design®. Make the following alterations to the pattern:

1. Choose the correct pattern size and trace the pattern pieces from the pattern sheet following the instructions for design no. 15.
2. Leave the allowances for the shoulder darts on the back panel and for the neckline pleats on the front panel spread out to add width to the neckline.
3. Draw new necklines on the front and back panels.
4. Measure the length of the neckline and cut a 3 cm wide casing strip for the neckline on the bias.
5. Cut a 2.5 cm strip for a neckline drawstring.

Stitch a small buttonhole at the front neckline, placing it at the center-front mark and 2 cm down from the outer edge of the neckline seam allowance. Stitch the bias-cut strip to the neckline to form a drawstring casing. Fold the drawstring strip in half, turn the seam allowances in and stitch the edges together. Thread the drawstring into the casing. Trace the pattern for the pockets from the pattern for design no. 3A in issue 5/2008. Stitch the pockets to the dress following the instructions for the same design. Fabric: Hilco

The charming special-occasion dress that appeared in the spring/summer issue gets a totally different look when sewn from floral fabric. This dress is sewn from printed linen that is included in Hilco’s summer collection. The shoulders are accented by fan-like pleats. The dress needn’t necessarily be lined.


Astrid said...

The linen dress is beautiful in its simplicity - love it. And may I suggest that you add links on the blog to the Ottobre Flickr Group, as well as the Ottobre English Sewing Group on Yahoo-groups? Thanks for making the blog - can't wait to see what'll be going on here! :)

Maria said...

Thanks for the pink linen dress modification, it looks great! I think it would be nice even as a shorter tunic-version.

Sew-4-Fun said...

Nice dresses and great post. Thanks! Keep them coming. :)
Belinda from Australia

Ute {benbino} said...

the linen dress is beautiful ... simply ... i love it!

greetings from germany

Jne4sl said...

I love the dress w/pockets definitely something I would wear in summer. I also really enjoy the discussion of pattern modifications, thanks

Kinderkouture said...

What a beautiful design. The pink linen is so simple and so elegant. Perfect for every age and most body types.
Thank you.

sircu said...

That pink linen dress looks just adorable! I really didn't notice the dress in magazine, but with those modifications I love it. I think it's a very good idea to blog about different possibilities. Can't wait to see some new stuff here soon!

Anonymous said...

The pink linen dress is wonderful! Just one q! The dress in the magazine has a zipper at the back: does this model still have that?? With the drawstring it doesn´t seem likely but??

If you have the time: please clarify!

Anonymous said...

I was assuming that too - I expect this has no zip and that the darts at the waistline aren't sewn to give a looser shaping...but it would be lovely if someone could clarify before I start making this!?

Efwa - Medea said...

Wow, just what I was looking for. Thanks.
Jag hade redan tänkt ut att jag skulle ändra det mönstret till ett singoallamönster. Kul att se hur det blir i verkligheten.

Jean Reconstruction said...

Wow!!!... Great..Such a beautiful designs.. fashionable.. common wear.. everything looks marvelous..

Sonja said...

Funny, I didn't like it at all, but modified like this and in pink.. it's adorable, love it. Will definitely use this pattern in modified version. Thank you.
Love your publication and use it a lot. Keep up the good work.

OTTOBRE staff said...

About the zipper:

Sorry it did take so long time to answer this question. Yes, it needs the zipper, not because of head circumference, but bust. The darts make the waistline so narrow, the dress won't go over your shoulders and bust without the zipper.

If you wish, you can sew in on side seam.

wholesale womens clothing said...

Oh! Those dress looks beautiful. I love the way you made that,
thanks for showing the pattern of the dress. i will try to make my own dress. keep posting!


Kim said...

I'm gonna make this dress =D thanks for sharing the pattern, and I'm your new follower~