Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to give pants a worn look

Once you have completed the pants, you can give them a distressed-wash finish. Denim jeans will stand scrubbing well while corduroys will need a gentler treatment. Experiment on a scrap of fabric before starting.

Pin and stitch three or four tucks, a few millimeters deep, at the groins and the backs of the knees. Wash the pants and scrub them with a brush. Use a laundry detergent with bleach to give the pants a slightly faded appearance all over, which is vital for a genuine worn look.

You need to add “wear” to certain areas on the pants to make them look naturally worn. The knees, front pocket openings, zip fly, back pockets and leg bottoms are such key areas and you can rub them more firmly while washing the pants.

Remove the stitching after the pants have dried.

Pattern from OTTOBRE design 4/2009, design no. 39: Jeans in sizes 128-170 cm


Unknown said...

Thanks for the great tip. I'm working on pants for my son currently and this post was perfect timing.


Sandra (sewfossy) said...

They look fantastic! I will have to look out for detergent with bleach - not come across a brand in the UK, then again it's not something I've been looking out for.

Eagerly awaiting a preview of the new Women's issue!

hverdags-mamma said...

Thanks for the tip...

Any sneek peek on the new woman-mag soon!?!?