Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OTTOBRE design® kids fashion 6/2009

OTTOBRE design® kids fashion Winter issue 6/2009 will be published October 23, 2009.


A cute collection for babies’ winter adventure. Lined pants, a furry-knit vest, a warm jacket, a winter bodysuit, T-shirts and a retro romper.
Sizes 56/62-92 cm

Children have great fun playing out of doors after a snowfall. Three tunics, a skirt and two different pairs of pants plus various coats for girls. A quilted bodywarmer, outdoor pants and a warm sweat jacket for boys.
Sizes 86-158 cm

Pajamas and nightdresses for very young and slightly older night owls. The little children’s striped jersey pajamas are pepped up with appliqués. Schoolchildren will be delighted by pajamas with a reindeer appliqué, a feminine nightdress and a camisole and pants set.
Sizes 92-128 cm and 134-170 cm

A fabulous collection for festive occasions in the holiday season. A dress, a skirt, a pinafore dress, a blazer, a wool-knit jacket and a jersey blouse for girls. Dress shirts, dress pants and a jacket for young gentlemen.
Sizes 92-128 cm and 128-170 cm


Cindy said...

Can't wait to receive my issue as it sounds like there will be some great patterns to try!

mermaids said...

Can't wait!! As usual, the new issue sounds wonderful

babyzilla said...

Sounds great! I was hoping, however, that the pajamas would start in a smaller size. I was so excited about the nightwear, but from the sounds of it, it'll all be too big for my two kids!
I'm sure there'll be lots of other good things in there in their sizes. Can't wait to get it!

Katja said...

Any underwear? Sounds great though, can't wait!

Pippi creates said...

Great to know the next issue is on its now. Now I'll be watching the letter box every day. I'm in Australia so the seasons are reversed (we are heading into Summer) however it means I have plenty of time to work out what I am going to make before Winter hits us next year.

BrusselsSprout_Katharine said...

Can't wait!

hverdags-mamma said...

Can't wait! So many cute models for all tree of my children...!

Riikka said...

I received my magazine today and I´m a bit disapointment. Where are the mittens that there supposed to be? I was waiting for that pattern!

Nigthwear patterns are welcome, thank you for those!

Ellu said...

I agree with Riikka! In the preview in Ottobre 4/2009, you promised lots of hats and mittens.

Unfortunately I can't find them :-(

Apart from that, everything else seems very cute, thank you very much.

Steffi said...

I had today your new magazine in our mailbox!Really beautiful models inside again!

BrusselsSprout_Katharine said...

We love it! We love it! Thanks for the adorable baby clothes with an option to use an overlapped neckline or snaps, plus the snapped inseams for diapering. Wonderful to have a long-sleeved bodysuit for winter with shorts-style legs, they're both warmer and easier to sew than a bodysuit with traditional angled crotch/leg hems bound with a coverstitch attachment (which I don't have). The peaking-pocket giraffe appliqué is simply whimsical. The older children's clothes are also stylish and adorable, but I'm making baby clothes these days. Merci beaucoup!

OTTOBRE staff said...

Hi sewing ladies,

about those mittens.... we simply could not get them into magazine, because it was so full already. Not enough pages I mean. Winter clothing takes much more space in instructions with all those linings etc.

So you will se the mittens soon here in our blog with a couple of other simple projects...

Greetings to all of you from snowy Lapland!

Keep sewing and being inspired!


Fiffiluren said...

Ottobre Staff:
I have quite a lot of your magazine, and sew a lot also from them. It seems that the size is to wide and to short for the childen, esecially the tshirts, but also the dresses are way to wide. The printed size could be the bigger size (92 seems to be a 98 etc.)

Regarding the magazine I would prefere to have less illustrations (see page 12 in present magazine) and more patterns. I also would like to see more of details in the sewing in photos, like buttons, zippers, pockets (in swedish: knäppningar, kragar, fickor) etc.

Besides that Ottobre gives most of the time a lot of inspirations!

Riikka said...

I´m sorry to hurry you, but I´m really waiting for those mittens! Or my children are...=)

Unknown said...

i love it!Gostei muito do modelo e vou mandar fazer um igual. Beijos do Brasil.