Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sneak Peek OTTOBRE design 3/2010 Kids Fashion Summer Issue

Our jubilee year has got off to a flying start. Looking ahead, ten years may seem like an eternity, whereas looking back, time has really flown by. Our next issue will be published after Easter on April 16, 2010.

Summer issue includes forty designs for kids in sizes 50-170 cm.

The themes are:

A practical yet beautiful collection of summer basics for babies and toddlers. A tunic, leggings, a bodysuit, a romper, a dress and bloomers.
Sizes 50-92 cm

Celebrate with us! For girls: a poplin dress, a princess’s crown and special-occasion dress, and a voile skirt and blouse. For boys: jodhpur pants, dress shirts just like daddy’s, a gentleman’s vest and a brimmed hat.
Sizes 74-170 cm

Relaxed holiday wear for toddlers and preschoolers: T-shirts, Bermudas, dresses and a bolero. Headwear for sunny days.
Sizes 92-140 cm

Cool and trendy summer clothes for teenagers. For boys: Bermudas, T-shirts, a sweat jacket and a windbreaker. For girls: a voile tunic, linen shorts, T-shirts, a skirt and a vest.
Sizes 116-170 cm


Unknown said...

So excited about the teenager stuff! Do you mean a vest as in a type of tank top (english ) or a vest as in a waistcote(american)?

Mink said...

Ooh, does the boys vest go up into larger sizes (170cm)?

Natalya said...

So much wait journal :)

mermaids said...

as usual, cannot wait for my new issue to arrive!

Katja said...

Very exciting as usual, I can hardly wait! Sounds like some wonderful choices for my little men.

Megbud said...

Sounds lovely. Looking forward to the white envelope making it's way down to New Zealand.

saffiertje said...

i can't wait until it's in the shop!!!!

Steffi said...

Really nice magazine again...

Sasha said...

Looking for an online source for the pink rosette mesh/tulle from the cover look. Any suggestions?

OTTOBRE staff said...


We will have something lovely for your baby girl in our next coming issue -OTTOBRE design® autumn 4/2010.

Till then!


Ps. Please accept our apologies. We deleted your comment because of #&%'s.

Elawen said...

Huh? deleted my comment because of what?
Afraid of critics? ;)))
Anyway, I tried to alter the dress No. 8, so far I succeeded. But I don´t think the other two dresses I liked will make it onto my machine for the same reason I wrote yesterday. Maybe next year (If I haven´t forgotten about them because of other nice stuff).
So I´ll wait for the next issue. If it comes around August/September we might need around size 74 ;) but I´m completely sure, dressing will be the same horrible procedure as before for my girl :)


Shamima Sultana said...

Nice magazine cover...like it