Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Delivery delays - volcanic ash cloud halts airmail

Volcanic ash from the Icelandic eruption has delayed all airmail from Finland. For countries near Finland (Scandinavia, Northern Europe and Russia) magazines are being taken over ground with 3-4 days delay to our normal schedule.

No landings or takeoffs have been possible for civilian aircraft in most of northern and central European countries, so all our airmail is waiting here in Finland for the next possible flight to USA, South Korea, UK, Japan, eastern parts of Russia, Israel...

Finnish post Itella is as unable as everyone else to tell how long this will last, so we don’t yet know when this will be sorted out. We will keep you as informed as we can.

Thanks for your patience everybody.

OTTOBRE customer service


Johanna said...

So glad the new issue went out before the ash had an effect! It's a great issue and I've already traced 4 things from it.

Laurel Anderson said...

i guess i am in the usa wait-for-the-ash group! still waiting, and it is worth the wait, far as i am concerned! thank you for the heads up!