Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sneak peek on Autumn 4/2011

Hi Folks!

Soon after hot Summer comes the Autumn, but don't let it disturb your lovely summer vacation. Our Autumn issue is done and almost printed and we will start mailing it on Friday! Those of you, who live close to us in Finland or in Scandinavia, might get it on Monday-Tuesday, but rest of you need to be patient for few more days.

You can take a look on it here!

We have made you some sweet tutorials, but more about them later.

It is still plenty of time to sew some summer dresses and Tees, so please take a look on our new fabrics in our Etsy-shop! Our summer staff is eagerly waiting for your fabric orders. If needed we are happy to make some custom  listings of our fabrics.


Mel said...

We requested a hoodie with the ability to have eye holes for spying and pretend play, thank you for a versatile piece. We'll be sure to give it a try. :)

Leah said...

Thanks... I'm just glad the postoffice has started delivering again in Canada... I would have been sad if it were "held" somewhere and not deliverable.

Megbud said...

Super cute issue. I love the layout of the country mouse town mouse pages. The pictures of the children fit the story so beautifully.

I'm looking forward to my issue arriving. I have already bought some fabric for the #19 tunic.

Hurry up postman!

Åse said...

When can I find this number in shops in Sweden? Asked today, but they couldnt find it! Sold out or not delivered yet? Must have it! :-) :-)

OTTOBRE staff said...

Hi Åse

you find the shops who sell our magazine via www.interpress.se

Go to "TIDSKIRFTER" and then write OTTOBRE design on "titelsökning"

The just click the name and type your post code to seek the nearest place where to buy it in Sweden.

Ilse said...

I live in Belgium and got the new issue already. I'm preparing "myself" to make the city mouse-pants, but I hope the tuto will be soon online on this blog :-)

Anonymous said...

Got mine last friday, lover the owl hoodie, Il like Mels idea of adding eyeholes. I noticed there a two babyhats in this issue, yet there are no pictures of the little models acually wearing them. Would you mind posting some on the blog?

Tatu said...

I was jus wondering where I could buy one of the fabric that was used in this issue. Finecord with mathuska (in the model number 10). Does anyone know? I really wanna sew this model to our first baby (will born in November) from that fabric, but I can't find it anywhere. :/

OTTOBRE staff said...

Hi Tatu and others,

we will add it to our Etsy shop as soon as we get it from factory: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Ottobredesign

Please follow our ottobreshop.blogspot.com blog to see all our new fabrics and latest listings.

Ottobre staff

Anonymous said...

Especially liked the pants of 2 colours (number 18 "medieval") since my 4-year old wanted comicbook character "Doctor Faith" outfit! This character has yellow shorts over his long pants (which are blue).
Blue shirt was easy to make out a t-shirt model from earlier Ottobre magazine.

Thank you Ottobre for making my life easier and my son's life more fun!


Aisling Watters said...


I wonder could you point me to a site where I could get the Nanso printed jersely like you use on no.15 (Dreamland)?