Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sneak Peek OTTOBRE woman 5/2011

Get inspired. Be creative! Change the color and style according to the situation. Our current collection for the autumn and winter highlights blissful daily life, brilliant festive moments and the relaxed atmosphere of sweet Sunday mornings. Though the items in our collection are on the whole straightforward and easy-going, we have also included a few feminine tidbits.

Magazine will be published on August 26. 2011.

The autumn brings along a palette of earthy nuances: mole-grey, fir-green, lingonberry-red and eggplant-purple. Both the classic fabrics and the print patterns of knits reflect a yearning for the “good old days”. So discover the great outdoors wrapped in a lovely cardigan or a practical outerwear coat. Or dress for the city in trendy winter shorts or comfortable cropped pants with a pleated front. You’ll also find several beautiful tops, a tunic and a pinafore dress.

Switch your style according to the occasion from a vintage beauty to a classic schoolteacher, a formal office lady or a sensuous belle of the ball. The elegant cut of our
dresses does justice to the shape and material of the garment. Brighten up your everyday life too with dresses!

Make the most of your weekends and recharge your batteries by relaxing, pampering yourself or enjoying outdoor activities. For this purpose, we designed a lovely set of nightwear and a dressing gown, a comfortable sports outfit and a warm wool-knit duffle coat.

We wish you a rewarding voyage of discovery of our autumn collection and fabrics!


Hanne said...

This looks very good!! I am certainly going to sew the coat, and I am really looking forward to seing the winter shorts pattern.

Melissa said...

ooo - so pretty! I love the grey plaid dress and the hoodie looks so comfortable :-)

transoks said...

Seems to be good! I need some new dresses and the hoodie, for sure!

mulliga m said...

Looking good! The grey coat looks nice.

Olga said...

Good models and magnificent fabrics. The dress from a cover very was pleasant. It would be desirable to see it entirely. :)

Femke said...

oh wow the dresses are beautiful....

Saskia said...

oh gosh I want that one!!! The grey dress, the black dress, the coat !!! LOVELY!!!
Hope I can find it in our magazine-store!

Dorothée said...

I must be silly, but when you say check patterns D, black, and you can't find your pattern in the said colour but in another colour, is that normal ?

Thanks !