Monday, February 27, 2012

OTTOBRE woman spring/summer is here!

Hello out there!

Our newest OTTOBRE woman magazine will be released March 1. 2012, so you better stay tuned.

Our lovely spring/summer issue is featuring following themes

N E V E R    W I T H O U T    A    D R E S S

Dresses with a touch of the good old days and a pinch of bohemian.
A sweet vintage-style chemise, light summer dresses and a romantic special-occasion dress.
An elegant, feminine sleeveless dress and a beautifully-textured viscose-jersey jacket for special occasions for the grown-up woman.

Sizes 34–46 and 34–52

B O N    V O Y A G E

Clothes for sporty, active women. An easy-to-make coat, two pairs of pants, a top and a tunic.
An ultra-light tunic blouse with a floaty hemline, a sleeveless dress and a light viscose-jersey cardigan.
Bermuda shorts, a wrap-around skirt and snazzy tops. A wide range of sizes!

Sizes 34–48 and 34–52

For more photos, you can leaf through the magazine on our websites:


My One and Only said...

It is a very pretty issue of the magazine.
Love the light jacket, pants and T-shirt.
For traveling you suggested cute sets too. I have to admit, traveling with 4 year old is not easy, so I dress just in a comfy sports suit.

snobbyshel said...

I love Ottobre Woman. I have all the printed issues and looking forward to receiving this one - i sent an email to the Ottobre team on Feb 23rd regarding my change of address but haven't heard back yet (you guys probably get tons of emails). I just want to make sure I get my copy in the mail. Thanks!

Ima said...

Thank you for yet another lovely magazine. I usually sew mainly children's clothes, but in this issue there are also some things I would like to make for myself.
What I really appreciate in your magazines is that you use 'real' women and children as models. In most magazines the models are so perfect that most of us will never be able to look like them. Your models give a fair impression of how the clothes will really look. Thank you.

Monika pysslar said...

I just totaly love your latest magazine. I need more spare time to go up in my sew room. Thank you for all the great inspiration and patterns you produce.

tea with lucy said...

I'm loving EVERYTHING I make with my Ottobre patterns, for my children and for me. Thank you for providing such excellent styles.

The 'Creative Workshop : Women's Best Tops' have become a wardrobe staple for me. I love the flattering cut.

I would like to make a request for a future edition of Ottobre woman for some leggings patterns and for a pattern for casual yoga pants. That would be great!