Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sandy ate our candy...

Dear Readers in North America,

We have received inquiries about the non-arrival of our winter issue 6/2012 in North America. Regarding this, our partner, the Swiss Post, sent us the following message to be forwarded to our customers:

“Because of the Superstorm Sandy, the situation regarding shipments to the USA is really chaotic. International shipments are normally imported via New York’s JFK Airport, which has – in addition to the storm – suffered from exceptional snowfalls. Due to this, a large amount of international mail is stuck at the airport, waiting for the situation to get back to normal. Although some of the international shipments have been re-directed to other airports, there are still considerable delays due to the storm.

It is advisable to ask customers to continue to be patient and wait. They will definitely receive their magazines once the chaos has been sorted out.”

We regret this state of affairs and hope that you have the patience to wait a little longer for the situation to clear up.

Best regards,

Matti Hepola
Publishing Director


Little Ella Lu said...

Wow, now I feel even more lucky that I got mine in Idaho.

ShirleyC said...

I received mine in Louisiana. I know Sandy messed up a whole lot of things. Poor people! Just so devastating.