Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Season's greeting from the Arctic Circle

It is wonderful to be inside when it is -25°c (-13°F) outdoors and your breath transforms into a giant puff of white mist. It would be fun to send a dash of this brisk Nordic weather as a gift to each of you.

Here at Ottobre, we are gradually switching into a holiday mood. Next year's first edition is now being printed, Yule songs are playing on the radio and everyone has got at least one bite of gingerbread. Our Ottobre team will soon begin a well-deserved winter holiday.

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After the New Year, we'll probably be getting a little anxious. In January 2013, we'll publish Ottobre's Russian and French editions for the first time. In other words, soon Ottobre magazine will be available in seven different languages.

It will be fun to see how Ottobre is welcomed in these new countries. We warmly welcome all our new friends into the Ottobre world!

Our readers can now be found in 130 different countries. This year, many of you have sent us letters, e-mails and photographs. We were delighted by each and every one, and we got a bunch of good ideas from them too.

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We hope next year will bring you lots of joy and fun moments when sewing and creating !

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the Coming Year,

The Ottobre Team


Katja said...

Very excited for spring issue! Having so much fun making snuggly warm things right now!

O. dans la lune said...

I was recieving Ottobre in France even if written in english, and never have been disappointed by the explanations and pattens. I'm really happy to know that your fantastic magazine is to be printed in french, so that all my sewing friends will be able to enjoy your great ideas, even if they don't speak english !! ^^