Saturday, January 26, 2013

New fabrics and pattern links


The early spring is the best time here in our arctic town. The sun is slowly starting to peek behind the hills and and we are able to see all the beautiful colors around us: sun shimmering over the snowbanks, bright blue sky, lilac moments early in the morning... everyday luxuries of our life.

During the long dark period we have been almost hibernating, but now it is time to wake up!  Postmen have been busy carrying us new fabric rolls and now it is time  to show you the latest goods in our shop.

Beautiful blue shades, pale pinks and a bit of retro prints are waiting for you. You're welcome!

In our latest spring magazine we promised you free patterns for a hat and a bib. You find the links here:




Anonymous said...

When will the next issue of the women's edtion be available?

OTTOBRE staff said...

Hi all!

it will be released on March 2. in Finland and we start sending it right away.

We'll soon make preview of it.

Ottobre staff

Rojane Cruz said...
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