Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Old-fashioned playtime with paperdolls

TYTTI and POJU paperdoll sheet is now available on our Etsy shop.

I guess many of us loved to play with paper dolls when we were little girls, so did I with my sisters. We cut them out along the edge and were always careful not to bend the paper dolls' necks. Mom gave us shoe boxes and we kept all the paper dolls in it, beneath our beds.

Many of us have also designed our first collections of clothes for paper dolls. Inspired by childhood memories, our illustrator Suvi Suitiala drew for us these lovely paper dolls, Tytti and Poju. You can print out clothes for the dolls from our website. While mom is sewing, kids can cut the scraps for paperdoll clothing and create their own collections. 
With a good imagination, your paper dolls would come to life. Visit our Etsy shop: to purchase the paperdolls.

You can print out the sheets for clothing from OTTOBRE autumn collection on our websites for free:
Paperdolls are printed on heavy paper and back side
of the sheet has lovely illustrations. 
You can color the clothing and design your own print patterns on them.

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Iryna Boehland said...

Thank you very much for the dolls! I remember myself playing with these type of dolls. Will pass it on to my daughter now!