Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ottobre goes Halloween

We do not have fancy, scary Halloween here in Finland. For us All Saint's Day is quiet and peaceful. We light up a candle and remember with love our relatives and friends who have died. We also meet family and friends, make good food and eat together. So no costume parties, no scary stories nor trick-or-treating. However we wanted to sew something bit scary, yet fashionable - a skeleton hoodie.

We used the Bubo-bubo raglan sleeve zip hoodie pattern from magazine 4/2011. You find the pattern in sizes 98-134 cm and the magazine is still available on our single issue shop. Instead of owl, we appliqued a scary neon green skeleton. The appliqué is made on both hood panels, both sleeves and on both front panels.  To draw your own skeleton you will find a lot of good illustrations on the internet or on anatomy books.

Trace pattern pieces for bones and scull on paper backing of double-sided fusible web (Vliesofix). Iron pieces of fusible web onto wrong side of pieces of neon green jersey and cut shapes out along their outlines. Remove paper backing from fusible web and iron shapes onto hood panels, sleeves and front pieces. Pin piece of tear-away backing (Stickvlies) to wrong side under appliqué motif. Stitch shapes in place with narrow, short zigzag or with straight stitch. Almost done!

Nice Halloween to everyone!

Ps. I almost forgot to thank our lovely and talented trainees Antje and Maria from Max-Eyth-Schule in Alsfeld, Germany. They made this hoodie. It is always so fun to have young and happy people here in office.

Pss. Ihan pakko lisätä vielä tää musalinkki, että pääsette oikeaan tunnelmaan!
Must add this link to our all time favourite singer-songwriters J. Karjalainen's "Luuranko rämisee" live music video. Luuranko rämisee means something like A skeleton rattles...


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Karin på Ösäter said...

A fun idea!