Monday, August 15, 2016

OTTOBRE woman 5/2016 is released

Hi all readers,

the official release date for our women's autumn/winter issue is tomorrow and now it is available in shops, bookshops and sewing supplies stores round the world. If you can't find it, remember that all back issues as well the latest ones are available in our own single issue shop. 

Many of you who are subscribing, have already got the magazine. Maybe you also have peeked the tiny video presentation we made you in Youtube.

With a cooler period of the year drawing closer, people return to their daily routines and indoor pastimes. I hope that each of us has been able to take a vacation, enjoy the great outdoors and stock up with summer energy in order to manage through the long autumn and winter. In the face of the unforeseeable outcomes of developments that are currently taking place in the world around us, we need to seek balance and well-being within ourselves. While such introspection requires time, sensitivity and absorption, it will give more meaning to our everyday life than shopping or surfing the Net.

My life has always revolved around being active one way or the other, and that’s why it’s difficult for me to draw a line between work and leisure. I spend almost all of my awake time sketching, reading, sewing, knitting, crocheting, baking and cooking. I could also add observation, meditation, problem solving and philosophizing to my list of activities. All of those I can do while lying down or driving a car. I lead a full life even though most of the time the only trips I take are from home to work and back. Occasional detours to the market, grocery store or cultural events spice up my daily life. Close is good.

My simple way of life largely determines my designing philosophy. I want to design straightforward, natural and timeless clothes for our magazine. They are representative of the Scandinavian lifestyle that appreciates the gentle beauty and small moments of everyday life. The materials we use are genuine and uncomplicated. Practicality breeds beauty when the basic elements click into place. Awareness of the environment and the life cycle of clothes is an essential part of our daily work.

We also have a passion for all handicraft skills, and through our sewing instructions we try to convey some of the bliss of refining the small details. The wonderful durable materials deserve to be treated with love and attention. Consequently, a self-made garment will bring long-lasting joy. The great satisfaction that our work gives us can be encapsulated in just a few words: I made it and I succeeded!

Wishing you an inspiring autumn,

Tuula Hepola,
editor-in-chief, designer, mom and grandma
Wool tweed and organic cotton blend ribb
Silky viscose satin kimono

Merino wool and jaqcuard herringbone knit
merino wool ca
Six ways to keep you warm
Sharply Tailored wool melton coat
Beautiful nameled snap fasteners


wollkisterl said...

Oh, so much wonderful pices. I don´t no, what is my first project. :)

Susan said...

Love the wool Melton coat. I ordered my copy of Ottobre through Wooly Thread...can't wait for it's arrival!

guba said...

Kaufe seit Jahren die Hefte. Bin begeistert von den schlichten Schnitten. Vieles ist in unterschiedlichen Qualitäten zu nähen, do dass ich für jedes Wetter/Jahreszeit mit einem Schnittmuster arbeiten kann, aber immer ein anderes tolles Stück erhalte.
Schade, dass diesmal kaum Abbildungen in großen Größen dabei sind. Das habe ich immer sehr geschätzt. Trage selbst Gr. 48/50 bei 160 cm. Gerade die fülligen Modells halfen sich die Kleidung an einer "Dicken" vorzustellen.
Freue mich auf die anstehende Nähzeit....
LG, guba

marcinija said...

Love those colours and fabrics, so warm, so elegant. My order is already on the way!