Tuesday, January 3, 2017

OTTOBRE design® 1/2017

Spring is a happy time so let's celebrate it! Our spring issue has a Spanish vibe and lots of colours. We made a video of our latest magazine with some extra photos. You can find the video here and have a look at all the designs from the 1/2017 issue here. Enjoy!

The official release day, when you'll find the magazine in the shops, is January 10. Some subscribers might have already received their copies. 

We designed a number of children’s spring items: delightful jersey tops and T-shirts, girly corduroy pants, a pair of jeans, a snazzy outerwear jacket, denim bib overalls and a cool hoodie. You'll also find laid-back sweatpants, a lovely blouse, fairytale shorts, pretty denim skirts, various leggings, a sweatshirt pinafore dress and cute shortalls. Sizes 98–146 cm

Lovely clothes for little ballerinas and crocodile tamers. A tulle dress, a shirt tunic, a cardigan, leggings and a jersey dress for girls. A shirt, pull-on pants and a jacquard-knit sweater for boys. Sizes 68-104 cm


The older schoolchildren’s wardrobe is filled with casual items made from denim, twill, sweatshirt knit and jersey knits. For girls: dresses, a bib skirt, a cap-sleeve top, sporty sweatpants and a raglan sweatshirt. For boys: slashed jeans and a denim-look T-shirt. Snappy sweat jackets for both girls and boys. Sizes 116-146/134-170 cm


Stash Empress said...

When will we be seeing baby clothes again? My 10 month old grandson is barely up to size 68 and I've got some newborns to sew for. (Yes, I have been subscribing since 1/2003 -- and also own all back issues from 2000-2002, that's not the point LOL!)

Unknown said...

I have a problem finding your Creative Workshop 301 pattern in your shop, which is featured in this issue