Monday, May 25, 2009

A couple of wonderful designers

While sewing patterns and instructions form the core content of the OTTOBRE magazine, we also try to make the layout and illustration as stimulating and captivating as possible. We hope that, in addition to adults, children also find the magazine interesting to browse through. Our family business has managed to build a network of talented, creative people from all over the world to cooperate with.

In the latest issues we have made use of two wonderful Scandinavian illustrators. Vibeke Høie comes from Norway and lives with her family in the small town of Sandnes. Vibeke illustrated the “Gardening with Friends” theme for issue 1/2009. You can take a look at her other works on her website. Our cooperation with Vibeke will continue.

Terese Bast, visual artist and mother, belongs to the Swedish-speaking minority in Finland. She and her family live in Jakobstad on the west coast of Finland. Terese created the lovely illustration for the baby theme in issue 3/2009. You’ll find more works by Terese here. You’ll also find charming postcards, prints and pins at Terese’s Etsy webshop.


mermaids said...

you definitely succeed at making the magazine visually appealing. it is one of the most beautiful magazines i have ever seen. my 13 yr old son, who is interested in graphic design, appreciates the quality of the layouts.

Jeannine said...

I agree with the above comment. I like the fact that the visual design is soft and does not overpower the clothing you are trying to sell. I also like the 3D effect it has. Whatever the case, she deserves a round of applause, and so do you for writing about her.

Sew Lind said...

I was captivated by the baby theme in the most recent issue, thanks for sharing information about the designers, looking forward to more gorgeous layouts and illustrations in future issues :-)

Katja said...

MY three boys love looking through the ottobres and this one had lovely "storybook" images that we really appreciated. They of course always want the clothes to look "exactly" like that- which I was able to oblige with the amy schimler fabrics from the latest issue. The boys LOVE coordinating outfits (top and bottom, same theme- frogs) and that is so hard to find for boy fabrics/clothes!! Great work and so happy you took a strong stand against the bootlegging...Katja Magus

PS- Who should I contact about suggestions/comments in recent blog comment was never responded to????

OTTOBRE staff said...

Hi Katja!

Thank you for your nice feedback. And sorry, we haven't noticed Your questions. We did answer them while ago today.

In urgent cases you can always mail directly to our editorial office: ottobre [at] or even call to us. You find our telephone numbers each issue on page 3.

We read and answer the mail daily, at least on office days from monday to friday. Also all feedback and pattern wishes are welcome.

Almost summer-like greetings from Lapland


Steffi said...

I agree with the first comment...My 13 years old daughter is interest by graphic designs and layouts and she loves the Ottobre designs! Keep up the good work!