Monday, May 25, 2009

A few more delightful designers

The fabrics that we use for the clothes featured in OTTOBRE magazines come from various suppliers. We have cooperated for a long time with Hilco, a German fabric wholesaler. Their collections include beautiful patterned fabrics as well as wonderful basic materials, such as fine cord, regular corduroy, poplin, and cotton and viscose jersey. Toptex is another German associate of ours. Their fabrics are especially suitable for our women’s clothes.

For our latest issue we also chose beautiful, soft cotton fabrics from the fabulous collection of the American designer Anna Maria Horner. Anna Maria designs fresh, innovative fabric lines for the “Free Spirit” collection of Westminster Fabrics. Fabrics in Anna Maria’s “Good Folks” collection can be ordered directly from her webshop – that’s what we did.

In conjunction with the publishing process of the latest issue we accidentally discovered two other talented American textile designers and are more than happy to introduce them to you. What happened was that bootleg versions of fabrics by these designers were distributed in Europe and, due to our ignorance, we picked them from the collections of a Finnish wholesaler and used them in some of our designs in the latest issue.

Our sharp-eyed readers did some detective work and noticed that the fabrics are copies. While the copyright issue is now being dealt with by the parties concerned, we take a clear, strong stand against illegal copying. From now on, we will also investigate the origin of the fabrics ever more thoroughly.

Textile and clothing designer Sandi Henderson designs fabrics for Michael Miller Fabrics Inc. and writes her amusing, down-to-earth blog. Genuine fabrics by Sandi’s are sold by Michael Miller Fabrics Inc. The authorized European distributors for the fabrics are also listed on Michael Miller’s website.

Textile designer and illustrator Amy Schimler designs fabrics for Robert Kaufman Fabrics Inc. You can take a look at Amy’s playful world here. Amy’s fabrics are cheerful with lovely childish motifs. They can be purchased at various online shops throughout the world. Amy’s latest collection can also be viewed on her blog.

On genuine American fabrics, the names of the designer and manufacturer are printed on the selvage. Notice also that American fabric widths differ from European ones, the most common width being 44’’ (approx. 112 cm). The fabric requirements in our magazine are based on the standard European fabric width of 145 cm. We have now calculated fabric requirements for the genuine original fabrics. You’ll find them here.

Illegal copying is shabby and nasty. We feel deeply ashamed on behalf of the offending Europeans! By choosing genuine designer fabrics you support the work of freelance designers and the right of individual designers to control the use of their work.

However, thanks to this wretched incident we made acquaintance with two talented, pleasant designers, and we are extremely delighted about that. We hope that in the future, we can continue our cooperation in happier circumstances. We entirely agree with the remark from one of our readers: “At least they are bootlegging good stuff!”


Unknown said...

A great result, well done Ottobre!

quiltlover said...

Thank you for venturing into the world of American fabrics, as I have always found it difficult to locate Hilco goods. The unfortunate bootlegging situation is not your fact, you helped expose the impostors and have brought attention to the illegal activity. Thank you!!

Tanya said...

I agree with quiltlover - thank you so much for venturing into American Designer fabrics. I too have trouble getting Hilco here. Shame it was tainted with the bootlegging situation. I hope that will not deter Ottobre from pursuing and displaying more American fabrics (and others too!). Hilco is gorgeous, but it is nice too to see fabric that I can get at the local quilt shop. :)

Caroline ~ TrilliumDesign said...

A Ha!!! That explains it - when i received my copy of the latest Otto i was wondering how you managed to get those prints in different colors than i had seen. I suppose you could say, you know you've arrived as a designer when you are being copies. The otto issue is spectacular nonetheless despite the bootleg issue.

Meghan said...

Good for you! What a upstanding way to deal with an unpleasant situation.

Anonymous said...

Serendipitous error on many levels--including your consideration of American designers and fabrics for the future. Your integrity and eloquence in resolving the issue is admirable. Bravo on all fronts!

Taly said...

Love the fabrics! By the way, did you think about the option of having a place where people can upload their Ottobre creations sorted by issues for inspiration?

OTTOBRE staff said...

Hello everybody

thank you for your lovely comments.

Taly! There is already few places, where you can share your Ottobre creations.

One is Ottobre-english yahoo group with it's Flickr-pool, Ottobrefans in Germany, Ottobre addicts in France, Crafty Mamas in Australia and also the newest venture chickpeastudio's Ottobre sew along and flickr group.You find them on our LINKS.

A lot of Ottobre creations with comments you also find in Go to sewing review > pattern review and search for Ottobre design or Ottobre woman. It is really inspiring place, you easily spend there hours reading all those comments.

I know there is some groups in Russia, Japan and in South Korea, where we have a lot of customers. Since the writing in these countries is a little difficult for us to understand , it is hard to find them by google.

Lovely ladies: If you know other places, which you think should be listed, please mail us to ottobre (at)

Wishing you all a lovely weekend with a lot of sewing!


Steffi said...

I love colorful fabrics with beautiful prints!And I love the multiplicity of fabrics worldwide.So I use fabrics of diffrent designers worldwide. For me is it easy to use fabrics by Hilco.Fabrics by Hilco are really beautiful but mostly expensive.
I´m find it´s a great idea to show us fabrics of diffrent designers not only Hilco.Thank you!

Vicki said...

Wow, I admire you guys so much for being up front about what happened and giving space on your blog to the original designers of these great fabrics.