Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Friendly Robots" Coloring Pictures

Inspire your little ones to create as well. The latest issue of OTTOBRE kids has our versions of the Friendly Robots but we are sure that the little artists at home can easily do better.

Illustrations by Suvi Suitiala.


Taly said...

My 7y son loved the robots pictures. He will be so happy when I give him his to color!

Mel said...

Love the girl and the dog, they are all cute. Hoping to let the kids see them this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Where is it possible to find robot pattern (in fabric) who are in last ottobre?

OTTOBRE staff said...

Hi Everyone

We will post the robot patterns as soon as we get them ready and translated. Since we are publishing patterns in five languages, it always takes a little bit more time than expected.

Also we are rather busy with OTTOBRE woman at the moment :)
Be patient and stay tuned!

Greetings from finally sunny, but cold Lapland. Today we have -20°C


Anonymous said...

These are cool :)
I have a small boy who has been nagging me for a cuddly robot since that issue came out though. Is the pattern still going to be published?