Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sneak Peek OTTOBRE design 4/2010 Kids Fashion Autumn Issue

OTTOBRE design® kids fashion Autumn issue 4/2010 will be published on July 9, 2010. This issue includes forty (40) designs for kids in sizes 62-170 cm.

The themes are:

Fairytale-forest folk busy with their autumn chores. A skirt, two jackets, a blouse and a romper for girls. Outerwear pants, a corduroy jacket, sweatpants, a raglan T-shirt and two hoodies for boys.
Sizes 98-128 cm

Little schoolchildren visit a big city. Tunics, pants, skirts, hooded jackets and a trenchcoat for girls. Corduroy pants, a raglan T-shirt and a recycled shirt for boys.
Sizes 98-146 cm

Bunny gymnastics and car racing. Fresh autumn wear for babies and toddlers: T-shirts, overalls, outerwear pants, a sweat jacket and an anorak. Two hooded sweaters and soft denim pants with rib cuffs.
Sizes 62-92 cm

Schoolkids discover the fascinating world of books. A skirt, a hooded sweat jacket, velour pants and a gingham tunic for girls. Two pairs of pants, a raglan T-shirt and a sweat jacket for boys.
Sizes 128-170 cm


Anonymous said...

Oh I'm excited. I had planned a trenchcoat from a past issue but I might just wait and compare patterns first :) Can't wait!

Melissa said...

It sounds like a wonderful issue, but I really want that cute little sleeping baby!

Stash Empress said...

I hope there will be some nice skirts for my daughter & granddaughters -- we always need more skirts!!! Lovely photos & I also really want that sleeping baby!!!! Hey time for a new blog contest -- winner gets the baby LOL!!!!

Andrea said...

Yay!! So excited!! The Autumn issues are always my favorites and this one looks great!!

marky said...

OH!! Send MINE first.. so I can preview it for everyone!!

REALLY I won't sew anything... heh heh heh!!

Oh... I hate to wait!! Just send me a copy....


Katja said...

One of the boys had been asking for a fox does ottobre always know what we need! Thanks again for all the inspiration and excitement you deliver!

Caroline said...

hope there are more 140 and 152cm boys clothes - not many in last issue :(

Megbud said...

This looks beautiful! I really love the little girl's outfit. Looking forward to the release date. I also love the Autumn / Spring issues - mostly because I'm in the southern hemisphere and can use them without waiting for the another season!

tic@ said...

so nice! we are all watching our letterboxes here in France, but do not forget to enjoy summer time too!

Pam said...

I agree, what a beautiful baby! (And the clothes are very nice, too.) ;-)


Steffi said...

The baby outfit is soooo cute!

Sandi said...

Love the outfit with the purple jacket - would be perfect for my preschool daughter!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

great, these outfits are very cute and i´m so excited :)


The Branch Family said...

I just received mine and it is wonderful. I always look forward to the next issue and have to drop everything thing to read it cover to cover right away when I take it out of the mail box. My children will be well dressed with some of the times in this newest issue. I noticed on the inside of the back cover a note that says you all take suggestions for what to include in future issues. So, May I suggest ankle length skirts for girls and more long full dresses? My girls would be thrilled to see more of those types of patterns.


Carla Melton said...

I love EACH of your mags. Now if only I could sew! I'm really looking forward to your step by step instructions on this blog. I'm needing all the help I can get. Also I'd love a couple of young girls plain(ish) jeans or cargo pants...full length. Or some suggestions for how to adapt a boys pattern for a girl :)

Anonymous said...

I have just received this number, and it is really inspiring! I just wonder where the promised pattern for the soft rabbits pictured on page 51 and the soft letters on page 52 are. It says that they are to be found in this blog, but I have had no luck in finding them. Could you please tell me where to find them?
Best regards fro Sophie in Norway.

Miranda said...

Just bought my autumn issue last week. Beautifull patterns, but I find the little drawings of the T-shirts (at the bottom of the pages) a bit misleading... (most are not included in this issue!)

I also read that the paterns of the
'sweet bunny toys' (pag. 51) and 'letters filled with cotton wool' (pag 53) could be found here (at Where are they? Maybe later?

OTTOBRE staff said...

Since 2000 we have published various T-shirt patterns for children and women in our magazines. The basic pattern for a T-shirt is relatively timeless, with the fit varying from snug to loose depending on the fashion trends. The length of the T-shirt as well as the width of its sleeves may also vary.

In order to save space on the pattern sheets in the magazine for entirely new designs, we decided in 2006 to publish the best basic T-shirt patterns for children and women as two separate Creative Workshop pattern sheets.

The Creative Workshop 301 package includes patterns for children’s T-shirts in sizes 92–170 cm. The girls’ design is slightly fitted whereas the boys’ design is straight-cut.

The best tops for women can be found on the Creative Workshop 303 pattern sheet. The women’s patterns are in sizes 34–52 (US 4–22 / UK 6–24).

You can order both pattern packages on our website at



SewSima said...

I would also like to request more longer skirts and dresses (at least below the knee)