Friday, October 22, 2010

Design Contest for Our Readers

Participate and win a Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX coverstitch machine!
Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX coverstitch machine Our contest has three categories for readers of various ages so that everybody can take part. We invite readers to design an outfit for a child or teenager, and we will publish all winning entries and patterns for them in Ottobre design issues of year 2011.

Get started! 

Print out the entry form, contest instructions and evaluation criteria from a link below:


Be quick! 

All entries mailed to us as and postmarked by December 10, 2010 will take part in the contest. The jury comprises, in addition to our own design team, representatives of our readers and of a local vocational school.

The winners will be announced on January 12, 2011 in our blog. All winners will also be contacted personally.

Good luck for the contest!

We wish to thank our generous sponsor Janome. OTTOBRE has cooperated with Janome quite a while now and we have always been very satisfied with Janome's sewing machines and coverlocks.

For further information and international distributors, please visit Janome 's International Website.

We would also like thank ZNOK DESIGN for the fresh and cheerful knit fabrics. Patterns used for the pictured clothes are designs number 17 and 18 from the recent issue of OTTOBRE kids 6/2010.


Anonymous said...

Very nice fabrics! will they be available at the OTTOBRE shop blog?

Mel.J said...

Do you need to be a current subscriber to enter?

OTTOBRE staff said...

Hi all!

About the fabrics: yes, they will be available. We will add the fabrics any day during the weekend.

Mel J. No, you do not have to be a subscriber. Everyone can enter. Good luck with the contest!

Ottobre staff

babyzilla said...

I'm a little confused about the rules. Are we supposed to actually draft a pattern, sew the garment, or just sketch our ideas on the figures provided? Thanks.

OTTOBRE staff said...

Hi Babyzilla!

Just sketches are enough! We will do the patterns and sewing of the winning garments.

Ottobre team

Tiuku said...

Kiitos siitä, että lehdessä on kaavat kiinni vain yhdellä niitillä! :) Ärsyttää muissa lehdissä kun pitää purkaa puoli lehteä atomeiksi, että saa kaava-arkit irti... Ihan huippu lehti toki muutenkin, olen todella tyytyväinen siihen että sen tilasin! Jatkakaa samaan malliin ja onnea 10-vuotiaalle! :)

Unknown said...

Hi there. I'd very much like to enter the competition but I live in Australia. Is the competition open to overseas subscribers? Thanks.

OTTOBRE staff said...

Hi all!

everybody can enter the competition, no matter where she or he lives. We have three categories with own tasks, so even kids can participate.

Good luck for the contest!


Beth said...

Hi, I sent my entry off today and the post office said that it'll probably arrive sometime after Christmas - I hope the judging process allows enough time for any down-under entries to arrive!

Unknown said...

Hi again! I've got an entry but unable to mail it until Monday, 13 Dec!!! Should I bother sending it in, or it's just going to be too late anyway? Thanks for your time.