Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Important message to our English edition subscribers!

Hi there!

We have gotten a lot of messages from North America, as well as, from the UK about magazines that haven't yet arrived.

So, if your 4/2012 magazine hasn't arrived, please e-mail our customer service (include your name, address and customer number, if possible) and we will try to find out what happened. We will then resend your copy in the big familiar white envelope a.s.a.p.

We already know that some customers received their copies on July 6 and some others not until yesterday - July 16.  This is definitely not how it should go. We take this very seriously and one older lady here is getting gray hair while wondering what happened between July 6th and July 16th. Normal shipping time to overseas countries is 7-10 days and all autumn magazines were posted on Thursday, June 28.

We promise to do all we can to sort this out as soon as possible! We appreciate your patience in this matter as we get it resolved.


mermaids said...

I have no doubt you will get this sorted out. I have always been impressed with Ottobre's customer service and attention to details.

SaraJ said...

I got my autumn magazine on time but my summer one was very late for some reason (to New Zealand)

ShirleyC said...

I received mine about a week ago so all is good here in Louisiana. I hope everyone gets their magazines. This is the first time I've subscrobed, and I'm loving it!

Anonymous said...

Got mine in Atlanta GA very early. I thought I'd missed mine because I couldn't figure out which issue was missing. Turns out I'd gotten it weeks before! Thanks for all your work to make such a fabulous magazine.

Mel said...

I received my sealed magazine earlier this week, here is the midwest US.

Mellita said...

I'm in Australia, and received my Autumn magazine on time but I am still waiting on my Summer edition. I believe now it has been sent to me three times and I have still not received it. Have just emailed customer service in the hope it can be sent to me again.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, when is the next Ottobre Women due? Also can you please install disqus so I don't have to lose my eyes and mind to recaptcha please? XD

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Anonymous said...

Oh..ok..we get it...ANONYMITY for AK'S?
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Cause that 's what STEMPV labels him.