Thursday, August 16, 2012

Close-Up shots of OTTOBRE woman 5/2012

Hei moi and hello! from incredibly warm Lapland. 

All the long summer we have been waiting for summer weather to arrive, and finally just before we lost our hope, the heat is on... Despite of this odd phenomenon which is tempting us to beach, we'd like to show you some close-ups of our women's autumn/winter collection. 

Click to enlarge the pictures and take a closer look!

Design # 8. Patchwork long-sleeve jersey top
in sizes 34-52
Material: viscose (a.k.a rayon) single jersey in three different matching
print patterns as well as in solid-color greyish brown
Design # 9 and 10. Lady Fit jeans and stretch cord pants in sizes 34-52
These jeans are sewn from stretch denim and they are designed for feminine figure.
Distinctive topstitching accentuates the beautiful cut.

Design # 4. Romantic Touch lace-knit cardigan
in sizes 34-52
Material: 59% wool 28% polyamide 3% elastane

More long-sleeve tops. They are made from breathable
viscose single jersey that feels gentle on the skin.


Sonja said...

Wonderful! I have to buy this issue, can´t wait =)

(If only it won´t bee too warm to even think about sitting inside in front of a sewing machine :D)

kiala said...

Lovely cardigan! I want one :)

Kelley said...

I love every single design you've shown here. Can't wait for this issue to land in my letterbox. You have obviously created another winner! Thank you!

Riikka said...

Where can I buy fabric for that Romantic Touch lace-knit cardigan?

twolittleflowers said...

As Riikka says - where can we get that gorgeous knit for that lacey cardigan? That fabric really makes the cardigan that extra bit special. Can't wait to receive my mag! Keri

Anonymous said...

Great magazine once again. Only promblem is where to get disent fabrics? They are not yet in fabricstores!

Nadine said...

Ich warte schon sehnsuechtig auf die neue Ausgabe!!! So tolle Schnitte fuer den Herbst,das wird ein Naehspass! :-)

Soccer jerseys said...

Great! I have to buy this issue:)