Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More close-up shots OTTOBRE woman 5/2012

It’s easy to fall in love with this linen tunic dress! It is versatile and it flatters your figure. It can be paired with jeans or leggings. Make it a few centimeters longer and wear it with a thick pantyhose and flat shoes. Made from wool fabric, it would be perfectly suitable for special occasions, while printed cotton fabric would give it a retro look and plaid fabric would turn it into a rustic-style dress.

The neckline and the waist seam are detailed with beautiful topstitching sewn by hand with embroidery floss. The the sleeve edges are trimmed with pleated strips.
Design # 1. Stitch Details tunic/dress
100% linen (Soft linen or Light-weight linen in our Etsy-shop)

The simple wrap-around jacket with extra long, narrow sleeves is sewn from rib knit. The jacket is cut in two pieces that are joined at the center-back. The top and bottom edges are finished with hems, and the sleeves are stitched in place last. The jacket can be worn in various ways: you can wrap it over your shoulders like a scarf or around your waist to the back.

Design # 2. Warmly Wrapped cardi
Brighten up the grey autumn days with a generous dash of color! The skirt is sewn from velveteen and lined with viscose lining fabric. It has front-hip pockets and a zipper in the center-back seam.

Design # 12. Axtec velveteen skirt
Gorgeour velveteen is from Anna Maria Horner's collection

Wool is a truly versatile material. This yellow coat is sewn from lightweight boiled wool, which is easy to cut and sew. Since boiled wool doesn’t fray, no seam finish is necessary. The front panels of the coat are generously overlapped and secured with a large kilt pin. Zippered pockets are inserted in the panel seams on the front.
Design # 18. Perfect Autumn Coat
Material: 100% wool (Boiled wool from our Etsy shop)


twolittleflowers said...

Gosh. Love them all...makes me want to sew for me for a change! Just waiting for my mag to arrive, then will have to surf the net to find the right fabrics. Will be starting with one of the dresses/tunics - perfect style for me. Ottobre, thank you so much for an extra special ladies edition. Keri

Melissa said...

I just LOVE that you are posting extra pictures! Not only because I like to see more of the garments, but it gives me something to do while I wait for the mail delivery. Thank you!!

Olga Yermolina said...

Very beautiful coat! Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Otto people, you ROCK!! This issue and these amazing details make me want to sew each and every pattern. I am waiting by my mailbox for its arrival!!!

Unknown said...

Where do I find these patterns?
I really want to make the yellow jacket, but I can't seem to find it. Do I need to order it online somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Bonjour a tous j'ai decouvert le magazine femme hier j'ai A D O R E j'aurais envie de m'abonner mais celui de 02 /2012 m'iterresse egalement en avez vous encore et quelle demarche effectuer pour l'avoir ???? Amicalement.