Thursday, April 18, 2013

KOKESHI pinafore dress pattern and reprint of OTTOBRE design 1/2009

Hello Friends!

This sweet pattern is available in sizes 92-122 cm
We have published a Babushka pinafore dress pattern for babies in our spring issue 1/2009. This sweet pattern has been very popular and we have found it on sewing blogs all over the world. Also the whole magazine has been very popular, and sold out for few years already. Upon your request, we decided to make a reprint and it will be ready to ship in couple of weeks.

Babushka pattern in this magazine is published only for babies in sizes 62-92 cm. During these years we have got a lot of requests of similar pinnie pattern in sizes 98-122 cm. Now it is time to make your wishes come thru. We wanted to continue the same sweet theme "Around the world" and decided to decorate the pinnie with cutest little Kokeshi dolls applique. To make your sewing easier, we also included pieces of applique stabilizers in the package (Vlieseline® Vliesofix and Stickvlies).

Pattern is now available in our Etsy-shop.
OTTOBRE design®  magazine # 1/2009 you will find in our magazine shop.
So sweet Kokeshi dolls applique.

Reprint of Spring issue 1/2009 available now!


Mussipitz said...

How cute is this... so adorable...

lovely pattern...

Regards from Germany


Anonymous said...

Very cute!
I would also love to see the whole 3/2008 issue reprinted as I had it but unfortunately lost it and would love to sew some of the patterns soon for my daughter!

illustrateth said...

What a cute pattern! My 4 year old daughter said, "I want that!"

Sadly, I missed your post asking for requests. . I have just a couple, but it's probably too late. (We were in the middle of moving at the time :P)

One thing I'm very surprised hasn't been in the women's magazine yet is a pair of clamdiggers. I dislike capris as I think they make my short legs look shorter, but in hot California inland summers, I could live in clamdiggers. (I'm getting old enough to feel awkward wearing shorts). I'm talkingabout the pants that taper and end just below the knee).

For kids, the chefs outfist was really cute, but my kids play doctor all the time. A dr's coat would be cute. . i think it could be done just by lengthening a traditional collared pajama top. The only other thing I could think of was more knit dresses for girls and wow, the last issue definitely covered that!

Oh, and maybe a toddler sized leotard and can't think of anything else at the moment. Thanks for such great work!

illustrateth said...

Oh! and the Christopher Robin style raincoats from 1/2002 (including baby size w/ ruffles!)

illustrateth said...

Oh! Amazingly enough I did find a pair of clamdiggers in the 2/2002 issue, but I don't think it's available to buy anymore.