Friday, June 28, 2013

Sneak peek to OTTOBRE design ® Kids autumn issue 4/2013

Hi All out there somewhere!

Extremely warm and sunny days are tempting us out of office, but we try to stay inside. We are preparing a huge delivery job. Our AUTUMN issue arrived today and during the weekend we are going to pack and dispatch it all over the world to more than 130 countries. Our official release date is July 8, so soon you might need to set up a tent near to your postbox to monitor your postman. You can also peek (and like) us on our Facebook pages. We have uploaded a lot of autumn issue photos there! You'll find the link on the right side panel.

Our French readers: Also the French edition will be dispatched during weekend, so hopefully this time you'll also get it in time!


Comfortable everyday clothes from colorful cotton jerseys and sweatshirt knits: T-shirts, pants, a skirt, a dress and leggings. A practical autumn jacket and coat plus a girl's blazer. Sizes 92-140 cm

The babies’ autumn collection combines lovely grey with warm olive-green. Hoodies, a jacket, T-shirts, jeans, a skirt and a footed romper. Sizes 56-92 cm

When mom's sewing, the children settle down to play with paper dolls. The collection includes casual classics with a touch of nostalgia. Pants, T-shirts, a hoodie, leggings, a skirt, a tunic and a jersey jacket. Sizes: 92-128 cm

Back to school means that the children’s wardrobes are topped up with some nice new clothes: pants, T-shirts, a shirt, a blouse, hoodies, a tunic, a skirt, leggings and, last but not least, a snazzy fishtail parka. Sizes 120-170 cm


Kimberly said...

I'm camping my mailbox and no magazine yet. I can't wait.

OTTOBRE staff said...

Hi Kimberly,

We are sorry to hear, but also know it is quite long distance from Arctic circle, Finland to North America.

We have been monitoring the arrival and it seems it has landed on NY today (July 10.) so yours can't be far...

Our advice is to keep calm, make a huge lunch box and keep on camping for a couple of more days ;)


Anonymous said...

Mine landed yesterday, but I´m in Sweden so it istn´t so far away from you!

But I would like to ask something: My kids are now growing up...which has given me problems with Ottobre! My eldest is a boy and there are so few patterns for boys in sizes 134-170! Just, excuse me, boring shirts and complex trousers and maybe some sweatshirts. It is so hard to find good patterns for older boys so I would really wish for you to make more patterns for older boys! There were much more patterns for older girls in the latest issue.

My middle-son and my daughter have found many things that they want me to sew...So when vacation is over and I can sit udisturbed in my room...!!


Nadine said...

Hope very much that tomorrow the swiss postman brings me a surprise...

Unknown said...

Got mine today & love it! But where can I find the paper dolls? I've searched & can't find them on the Ottobre site or any extra ideas on the blog as mentioned in the magazine

Anonymous said...

Hi, already thinking about the winter issue. My 3-year old girl can do everything... Please, put buttons and zippers in the front!