Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Frilled Neckline and “Love” Embroidery

A girly version of the basic T-shirt

The T-shirt is a great invention from the early 20th century. A T-shirt is usually a jersey shirt with no collar or buttons that is put on by pulling it over the head. A T-shirt has short or long sleeves. Its neckline is round or V-shaped.

Originally worn as underwear, the T-shirt is today a popular garment among people of all ages and sizes. Since 2000, we have published various T-shirt patterns for children and women in our magazines. We have even included a couple of patterns for men’s T-shirts (Ottobre design issues 3/2005 and 4/2005).

The basic pattern for a T-shirt is relatively timeless, with the fit varying from snug to loose depending on the fashion trends. The length of the T-shirt as well as the width of its sleeves may also vary. In order to save space on the pattern sheets in the magazine for entirely new designs, we decided in 2006 to publish the best basic T-shirt patterns for children and women as two separate Creative Workshop pattern sheets.


The Creative Workshop 301 package includes patterns for children’s T-shirts in sizes 92–170 cm. The girls’ design is slightly fitted whereas the boys’ design is straight-cut. The best tops for women can be found on the Creative Workshop 303 pattern sheet. The women’s patterns are in sizes 34–52 (US 4–22 / UK 6–24). You can order both pattern packages on our website at https://www.ottobredesign.com/subscription/other.php?lang=en

Frilled neckline for T-shirt

We modified the CW 301 T-shirt pattern into two new and fresh girly versions for issue 4/2010. The lovely old-rose-pink viscose jersey T-shirt is detailed with a frilled neckline and a keyhole slit at the back neckline.

Download Frilled Neckline for T-Shirt in PDF format (512kb)

"Love" appliqué for T-shirt

The striped T-shirt is generously long and its front is embellished with the embroidered word “Love”. It has contrast-color coverstitching at the neckline, bottom hem and sleeve edges. You can use the same instructions for modifying the basic women’s T-shirt pattern.

Download "Love" Appliqué for T-Shirt in PDF format (1.1Mb)


kr said...

I have 301 and the pattern is great. The only complaint I have is that it doesn't include short sleeves. I modify the sleeves but still... It would be nice to have the short sleeve pattern included without modifying it myself.

Crafty Mama said...

I love these two, I've been doing variations of the #303 all week..it is a such a versatile pattern!

Anonymous said...

Hello, my english is terrible, I'm sorry..
I have got a question to the workshop 303: I wear 36, if I buy some clothes for me. The mesurements from the workshop 303 seem to be smaller? There I would need 38?? Right? Or should I sew my normal size 36? Please, can somebody help me. Thank you very much.

OTTOBRE staff said...

Hi Anonymous,

it is hard to say without knowing your measurements. I'd say follow the measuremets and choose the size which is closest you your bust, waist and hips.

ottobre team