Monday, July 19, 2010

Like Real Princesses - DIY Crown Kits Available for Order

I recall happy childhood memories of lovely summer days when we were frolicking in meadows in our princess outfits. We wore lacy underskirts and chiffon scarves borrowed from mom’s wardrobe and toy crowns that our auntie had brought us as souvenirs from Sweden. Sweden has a real royal family, and we found the thought of princes and princesses really fascinating.

Role play promotes children’s development in various ways

Role play has throughout the ages been one of the most popular forms of children’s play. Role play involves a lot of talking, fantasy and creativity. It offers the child the opportunity to explore various emotions and adopt any imaginary role. Role play is highly interactive and takes more and more intricate forms as the child grows. At its best, role play is great fun with plenty of humor.

Adults can help the child to build a world of play, just as they help the child in daily life. An adult not only acquires the playthings but plays a central role as a storyteller and initiator of play. Children love to play, especially when the topic of play is interesting, exciting and perhaps even a little mysterious. An adult is not only a playmate but an enhancer of play as well as a communicator who gently guides the play in a sensible direction. It is also important to allow for spontaneity, to immerse oneself in play and to detach oneself from one’s role as an adult.

Let’s create a world of play together

When children and adults play together, it often also involves making things together, and this is something children are usually very keen on. During the summer holidays it’s possible to find time for this. Princess play can easily be initiated by making princess crowns together with the children.

Order craft kits for princess crowns

To save you time in running from store to store, we promised in our summer issue to put together craft kits for princess crowns. We have finally received all the lovely materials for the prious crowns from our supplier: silver-plated metal wire, French wire, various seed beads and beautifully shiny glass beads.

The kit includes all materials for TWO PRINCESS CROWNS plus the instructions in Dutch, English, Finnish, German and Swedish. You can choose a kit for two pink or two turquoise crowns or a kit for two crowns, one in each color.
The price of the kit is 11.50 euros, including postage anywhere in the world. You can order the kit online at

Enjoy rewarding role play!

P.S. Don’t forget your little princes and courageous knights! You’ll find the patterns and instructions for a prince’s or knight’s cape, a prince’s crown, a knight’s shield and many other role-play costumes in issue 4/2004. You can browse through the issue online.  You can also order a copy of the issue.

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