Thursday, January 13, 2011

And so to the winners...

Adults and young persons over 15

In general: The winning designs combine fresh ideas and originality with feasibility. The playfulness and child-like spontaneity reflected in these works delighted the jury, though the presentation and visual impression left a bit to be desired.

1st Prize: Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX coverstitch machine
Entry: Liivistä liivihameeksi (From Vest to Pinafore Dress)
Designer: Elina Salmi-Lampila, Finland

Jury’s evaluation: “The pinafore dress consists of a bodice in the style of a sleeveless top that opens at the shoulders and of several different skirts. As the materials for the pinafore dress, the designer suggests woven cotton, velvet, velour knit and knit terry. The design has been beautifully and carefully made. The idea is fresh and innovative, with a dash of retro. The dress is also easy to make and is very transformable. The entry includes ten different alternatives, of which at least six are, in the jury’s opinion, feasible and beautiful. The jury was somewhat skeptical about fastening the skirt to the bodice with a zipper, but otherwise the entry admirably fulfilled the requirements of the specified task and deserves the first prize.”

2nd Prize: Product package valued at EUR 100
Entry: Amima
Designer: Annelies Mertens, Belgium

Jury’s evaluation: “The design is easy, cheerful and timeless, and even beginners will be tempted to make it. Various kinds of materials can be used, including patterned fabrics. The otherwise plain design is spiced up by the delightful pockets and the splash of color provided by the bindings. The entry is well-proportioned and includes a clear, viable design sketch.

3rd Prize: Product package valued at EUR 75
Entry: Muurahaiskarhupaita (Anteater Top)
Designer: Jenni Mäensivu, Finland

Jury’s evaluation: “A vivid and fun jersey top that is equally suitable for boys and girls and will delight every child. One of the sleeves is cut from striped knit and forms the anteater’s snout. The anteater’s ear is cut as a separate piece and inserted in the raglan seam. The jury was especially impressed by the three-dimensionality, child-orientation and well thought-through implementation of the design. This is one of those garments that the child will remember for the rest of his or her life.”

In addition, we wish to award a honorary mention in this category, the winner of which will receive a product package valued at EUR 50.
Entry: On the Road Again
Designer: Ruby Vegter, the Netherlands

Jury’s evaluation: “The funniest boys’ pants in the contest! The black jeans are patterned with streets, parking lots, traffic lights and traffic signs that are printed on the fabric using fabric paints. We can well imagine how a little rascal, bored with waiting, pulls a toy car out of his pocket and starts to race along his thighs! It’s a shame that the photo of the pants is hardly bigger than a postage stamp.”
[Ruby kindly sent us today 
a bigger photo of these cute pants she made for her son.]


Sandra said...

My son would want me to wear these pants so he could drive his car on me. Very cute.

Mel said...

The anteater shirt reminds me of a fun shirt I had when I was about 7 or 8. It was a zebra instead, and there a "mane" running down the arm. I think it may have been black sweatshirt fleece, or possibly felt. Definitely a fun favorite for children.

Maybe there should be another contest for unisex and boys designs only.

Mink said...

Beautiful designs, I would love to see the 'anteater shirt' as a pattern - such a fun idea! I think the winner also came up with a wonderful design that would be a great wardrobe builder.

Chikosa said...

I sincerely congratulate the winners! thanks for the great ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!