Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sneak Peek OTTOBRE kids 1/2011 Spring Issue

OTTOBRE design ® kids fashion Spring Issue 1/2011 came from printing house yesterday, so it is time to show you some cute pieces. The official publishing date is on January 14, 2011, so be patient. Our staff works very hard all weekend to get every single white big envelope to our readers all over the world.

Our themes are following:

Bohemian babies delight in the circus theme. Harem pants, a long-sleeve bodysuit, a knit-terry vest, velour overalls and a hooded sweat jacket. Lovely styles and patterns, cute appliqués, surprising colors. 
Sizes 56-92 cm

Browsing around a button shop is great fun. Tunics, ruffle skirts, two nice pairs of pants, jackets and T-shirts. Comfortable designs with a touch of sailor style and lots of lovely buttons.
Sizes 92-170 cm

Boys’ own collection that oozes attitude. Various pairs of pants, a sweater-knit jacket, a fleece jacket, striped T-shirts, a plaid shirt and a hoodie.
Sizes 92-170 cm

The light and airy fabrics of the spring season give inspiration to designs with lots of gathering, soft pleats, bows… Tunics, dresses and pants for girls.
Sizes 92-170 cm
We all wish you a happy new year. Enjoy sewing with us!


Anonymous said...

ho ho, this looks like a good one. Can't wait!

kr said...

buttons and sailor style...my favorites!

Caroline said...

love the check tunic at the bottom - and the right size for dd too :)

Sandi said...

I love the cover outfit - can't wait to get this one!

Crafty Mama said...

Looks fantastic guys!!



sophie said...

Can't wait! Looks gorgeous as usual!

Femke said...

Oh I can't wiat to see this.

Mel said...

Wonderful preview, I saw the issue was up today. I think this is another favorite spring issue!
Will we see any of those cute prints, like the elephants on your shop blog?

Anonymous said...

I have to say, as much as i liked the last three magazines, I am a bit disapointed by this one.
Just looked through it and I can't help but notice that the girls get all the colorful fun outfits while the boys stuff is a bit boring.
While it is grey and raining outside a bit more color would work much better and I think the little boys in our lifes deserve their own sailor outfits.

vještičica said...

This issue is great!
Can you, please, in summer issue include a princess dress pattern (dress made from from 8 lengthwise portions) with or without sleeves. I thought that you must have one in your previous issues, and looked through every last one on your web page in effort to find one, and buy that issue. But you don't have that kind of dress pattern. If it fits in your summer ideas for the next issue, I'll be very happy to sew a few of them for my daughter.
Happy sewing!

zauber-a said...

I am months late, because I have been wanting to create design 22 (high rise pants) since I got the magazine, but have been terrified of the plackets. Rightly so. I don't suppose it would be possible this late in the game, to consider a picture-tutorial of how exactly those pants were made?! I love them so, have them cut and sewn up to the placket underlays and am STUCK!