Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just a quick note!

In case you did not notice yet... can browse the SUMMER ISSUE on our websites:

We 'll have a busy weekend to get all magazines posted before Monday!

See you soon,

Ottobre staff


I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I love the skirt/leggings combo on the Color Splash page. I can't wait to get this looks like a good one!

Heldin des Chaos said...

I can't wait to start sewing. Just don't know what to sew first... I love the sailor hat but I think my son really wants to have one of those street trousers... and I realy want that green hat for myself. :-)

Heldin des Chaos said...

And I was wondering, do you have a flickr pool or something similar where we can upload pictures?

OTTOBRE staff said...

Hi All!

There is one Yahoo-Ottobre-English Flickr Pool where you can upload your photos:

If I have understood it correctly, you need to have an invitation before you can upload!

Please, if there is any members who belong this group, could you give more detailed information. Or inform me if the are other groups, so we can link them to our blog.


Ewa Krystyna said...

I love this issue :) and can't wait to make some nice dresses for my daughter and her friends as b-day presents :)

Luusmeitlifashion said...

Is it possible to Sew the skirt from the Leggins skirt with non strech fabrics?

Rian said...

I bought the new issue last friday and I like it very much. My eldest son of 12 likes the fishing hat and the shirt. My daughter would like to have the legging-skirt.
Oh boy where can I find some time for all the great things I see and want to make.....???