Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Summer pants in Thai fisherman style

A German customer of ours gave us a hint for designing these cute summer pants. The pattern is based on traditional Thai fisherman style. The pants are constructed from a few straight pieces of fabric and are tied round the waist with a tie string that is attached to the back.

You’ll find the pattern in sizes 110–164 cm together with the instructions in our latest issue, OTTOBRE design® Summer 3/2011.
The snappy dino T-shirt was one of the entries in our design contest. The motif was designed by five-year-old Hannes Kremsler from Germany. He called it “Der schönste Dinosaurier” – the most beautiful dinosaur. Great work, Hannes! The motif is easy to apply to the T-shirt: we embroidered it with a regular straight stitch, using tear-away backing to stabilize the knit during stitching.

Our cheerful model Benjamin demonstrates here how to put the pants on.

Jump into the pants and pull them up high. The tie string hangs free at the back.

Grab the side of the pants with one hand and fold a pleat on the front. Take hold of one end of the tie string with the other hand.

Press the pleat against your waist with the hand holding the tie string and grab the other end of the tie string with your free hand.

Take a deep breath and tie the ends of the strings tight at the waist. Fold the top edge of the pants down over the tie string.

Arrange the pleat nicely – and remember to breathe out again!

Ha, that was easy! You just need to practice a little at first.


glayla said...

love the photo how to! It's a great style of pant and your version is very stylish.

Nadine said...

Can we have a grown up version - I want some too!

Camilla said...

I second that, Nadine. I NEED a pair of these for myself. Or actually, I need quite a few pairs like that for myself. Although I can't wait until fall, so I guess I'll have to attempt to make a grown-up version myself...

Heather said...

Does anyone else think this could be a good pattern for girls and boys? I think my girly girl almost 7 year old might love them!