Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Singing in the Rain -with new Rainy Day Trenchcoat!

We'd like to show you a new edition of an older design. This pattern is the St-Germain Trenchcoat from our last autumn issue 4/2010. Although the pattern is traditional, this turquoise edition is very stylish and modern raincoat for every little girl.

It is definetely brightening up a rainy day!  We made it from soft raindrop and wind-proof coated cotton and cut the lining from cotton popeline. Quite a cutie, isn't it :)

We have this lovely material for you in 18 beautiful variations: tiny dots, bigger spots, paintbrush stripes and flower prints. You can find the fabrics from our Etsy Fabric Shop.

Tiny Dots' colors from left to right:
- Strawberry fields (red)
- Raspberry Ice Cream (light pink)
- Fudge (dark sand)
- Mediterranean Sea (turquoise)
- Tropical Chocolate  (brown)
- Here comes the Sun (yellow)
- Hot Asphalt (greyish black)

More about these fabrics on our Fabrics and More blog: ottobreshop.blogspot.com


Heldin des Chaos said...

That coat is cute, but is it really waterproof? Wouldn't the water run trough the seams? Or is there a trick to close the seams?

OTTOBRE staff said...

Hi there!

Thank you, we like it too.

You're right. If it is sewn "normally", the seams will run trough the water. It is fine for few minutes stay in light summer rain, not for heavily falling rain. This can be used, when you have an umbrella and just get a few rain drops here and there :)

Seams on rainwear can be sealed to make them waterproof by applying seam tape to the wrong side of the garment. We have another pattern in issue 4/2009 design# 24 in sizes 98-128 cm where you find detailded information how to do it.

Ottobre staff

Levi's Mommy said...

Love the fabric! Too bad I don't have anywhere near that kind of money!

Heldin des Chaos said...

Thanks, I'm going to look out for seam tape on the next fabric market.

@Levi's Mommy: It might not be the same quality, but Ikea has a very affordable coated fabric called LIALOTTA. But if you you use Ikea fabrics be sure to wash them first, they shrink a lot.

Meike said...

The rain Coat look very cute!!
Is the pattern only for little once available or for grown-ups too??

Best wishes,


Levi's Mommy said...

Thanks, I'll check it out!