Thursday, April 14, 2011

Something else - Bambi DIY-project

In our summer issue we  introduced you a cute soft toy Bambi created by talented Finnish designer Anniina Isokangas from PaaPii Design. She is a mother of two and has recently transformed her previous hobby to a lovely crafting business. Besides creating colorful soft toys and pouches, she designs logos and prints.

Look at her gallery and get inspired!

You can do this cute creature by yourself. We have now added her Bambi DIY-package on our Etsy-shop! It is available in black and in pink. Package includes handprinted cotton sheet with Bambi patterns and sewing instructions. The instructions are in Finnish, but a link to photo tutorial will be included.
Tee se itse = Do it yourself!

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Anonymous said...

Your etsy store doesn't show the paapii bambi pattern- where else can I find it